Disney Night August 10, 2017!


Join us for a fun-filled evening of Disney magic at our Storefront!

Our first Disney Night is August 10, 2017; 5pm to 7pm… And the best news is it will include a Disney LuLa Roe pop up store!

Disney Vacation Information and Disney LuLaRoe Shopping all in one place! Sounds like a great night! Our Disney Night will include refreshments, Disney Vacation Destination information, Prize Drawings, AND LuLaRoe Disney clothing to purchase on the spot!

Thank you for your interest in our Disney Night to be held Thursday, August 10th, 5pm to 7pm! This will be held at our Storefront, 1252 Overbrook Drive, Suite 11, Gaffney, SC 29231.  It’s a drop in, so please stop by to visit, grab a bit to eat and enjoy your time talking Disney!

Do you love Mickey Rice Crispy treats?  Then BE SURE to stop by!!!

All adults who register and attend will be eligible to win either a $25 Disney Gift Card and/or a free pair of LuLaRoe leggings the night of the event.

All attendees who post a deposit on their Disney vacation within one week of the event, will receive an in room gift during their vacation or a $25 Disney Gift Card with travel documents, depending upon destination.

Please note that to be counted as attending virtually via Facebook Live broadcast, you must comment on the live video feed(s) on our Wishes Family Travel Facebook page.

Please use this Registration Link so you will be eligible to win a prize!

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Fun Leggings!

Fun Leggings!


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