Lisa Parsons, Concierge Agent


Parsons-LLisa Parsons has visited Walt Disney World many times over the course of her life, yet none could compare to her recent trip with her young kids.  Making sure their first visit included all of the magic they could dream of was a priority.  After returning from that successful trip, Lisa could not wait to help her friends experience a well planned itinerary like hers.  After seeing the extensive research she did for her own trip, she didn’t have to wait long before her friends started asking questions.  They all new she would have the answers, joking that she was a little Disney crazy.

As a Disney Concierge, Lisa’s goal is to make every trip bring the same magic as the first.  Disney offers such a wide variety of experiences, dining options and accommodations that it can seem a bit overwhelming to plan a perfect vacation.  That’s where Lisa’s experience and knowledge become the invaluable tool that will benefit you.  By listening to you and your family’s needs, Lisa will develop a vacation that will guide you to the places you want to go and the attractions that are your priority.  Lisa looks forward to helping you plan the fun and relaxing trip your family deserves.  “I don’t just want to plan a vacation for someone and walk away, I want to develop a friendship that will last years and help them create family memories that last a lifetime.  This job allows me to call my clients friends and best of all, I get to help them plan a vacation to one of the greatest places on earth.”

Lisa has previously lived in New York City and Chicago, but has moved back to Michigan where she was born and raised.  She currently resides in Rochester, MI with her husband of 17 years along with her two children and their Golden Retriever.  Before joining Wishes Family Travel, she worked in the dental field, owned a small business and was a Cast Member at the Chicago Disney Store.  Lisa is thrilled to be a part of Wishes Family Travel and have the opportunity to help people plan vacations.  She hopes to share her knowledge with you and help make your vacation one that you and your family will talk about for years to come.

You can contact Lisa by email or visit her WFT Facebook page.


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