Spread Some Disney Magic: 10 Easy and Free Tricks!


Anna Trosper
March 21, 2017

If you have been to Walt Disney World you already know what an excellent job the cast members do at spreading the Disney Magic! But did you know that anyone can spread some magic?  YOU could make someone’s day that more magical! It’s very easy and most of these tricks won’t even cost you a penny! Let’s take a look at some of the great ways you can spread that Disney magic on your next trip!

  1. Have a Magical Day!– These are four simple words to say. And come on, when a cast member says it to you doesn’t it make you feel happy inside? So why not say it to someone? Disney is the one place you can get away with it! And you might be returned with a happy smile.
  2. celebrating_pinsCelebration Pin– If you see someone wearing a celebration pin, it’s easy to wish them a Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary.
  3. Acknowledge the Little Princess– As you walk around the parks there are little princesses, pirates and every character in between, dressed up and living their dream. When I walk by one I always acknowledge them. It can be a simple “You’re so beautiful” to a “Hello, Princess Elsa”. This makes the little ones day!
  4. Give a Helping Hand– I can’t stand to see a parent struggling with their stroller or holding a little one and trying to carry food back to the table.  Help them out. Look for the little moments where a helping hand is needed.
  5. Directions –Ok, this may be for the Disney regulars. How many times have you been to the park where you see a family and you can tell it’s their first time and they are lost!!!!!  This is an easy thing to do to spread some magic. Be the hero and ask them if you can help. Ask where they want to go and point them in the right direction.
  6. Water!– It gets hot in Florida. Did I say HOT?!!! Water should be your best friend when at Disney. If you see someone that looks worn out and overheated, get them a cold drink of water. Quick service locations provide ice water for FREE! Go get them a drink and you will change their day.
  7. Offer to Take a Photo– This only takes a minute and you will be helping them to capture a magical moment!
  8. monorail_seatOffer Someone Your Seat –This is something I was taught by my mother. I don’t know how many times I have seen an older person or a pregnant lady left to stand on the bus, on the Monorail, or even a boat ride. Get up and give them your seat, it’s a simple gesture that could change their day.
  9. Keep Down in Front –Ok, you have staked out the perfect spot and have a front row seat for the parade. You probably have sat there and waited a long time to get that coveted spot. If you really want to spread some magic, please consider the folks behind you, especially the kids. Offer the little ones to stand or sit in front of you. Or have a seat yourself! You’ve been doing a lot of walking and taking a seat on the curb could give you some much needed rest; plus it will give the others behind you a better view of the parade.
  10. Be Nice– Simple words like “please” and “thank you” go a long way. Be nice to the cast members and to other Disney guests. I know it can get hot, you’re tired and your feet hurt; you’re not alone. So please, say Thank you and give a smile. It will make everyone feel better!

Little Extras for a Few Pennies – All of the above tricks will not cost you a cent, but if you have a few extra dollars here are a few more ways to spread the magic. I always head to my local dollar store before we go on a Disney trip. I load up on snacks, glow sticks, little toys and a few extra rain ponchos. If I find yourself in line with a grumpy child I offer them a small snack or toy. (Make sure to check with mom or dad first!) When I’m at a night time parade there is always a child who wants an expensive light up toy. If it’s okay with mom or dad, I reach into my bag of magic and take out a glow stick for them. Melt down avoided! Lastly, it rains a lot in Florida. Many of us know this but many do not. If I see a family caught in the pouring rain with no ponchos, I offer to share my extras.

See how easy it is to spread magic around when you’re at Disney? You’re there to get away and to have a magical vacation and so are others. Don’t be afraid to spread the magic; you won’t be sorry!

If you are planning a trip to Disney I would be happy to not only book your vacation but help plan it as well. I would love to help you find new and fun ways to spread some Disney magic on your trip.

Please visit my Facebook page for get travel tips and for all the latest promotions. If you would like to talk about your next vacation, email me at annat@wishesfamilytravel.com and we can set up a time to talk! You can visit our main Wishes Family Travel web page for other great travel information and join our Facebook group Disney Conversations with Wishes and talk Disney with us.

Have a magical day and I hope to talk to you soon!

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