40 inches—the perfect “age” for Universal Orlando Resort

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August 4, 2020

By: Megan Kline

One of the most common questions I get is, “What is the perfect age for Universal Orlando?” The best answer I can give you is 40 inches. If everyone in your party is at least 40 inches you will be able to ride most of the popular attractions at both dry parks.

My daughter was exactly 40 inches on her first trip to Universal Orlando Resort and we were able to ride several rides as a family of four. Like any amusement park, there are rides that have a higher height restriction. Universal has a wonderful system set in place for families with younger children or even adult riders who are not a fan of thrills and chills. The child swap rooms allow families with young children to take turns riding their favorite attractions. This was perfect for my husband and I because we could each take turns riding the attraction with our son, and he definitely loved it because he was able to ride several rides twice!

When you enter the queue for the attraction you are wanting to ride you will go through the line all together like you would if everyone is riding. Ask the team member working the attraction to let you know where the child-swap room is located. The child who is not tall enough to ride will wait with one adult while the rest of the group rides. Once they exit the attraction, they will go to the child-swap room and the adult who did not get to ride will swap with the adult who did. They will be able to get in line without having to wait again. The child-swap rooms are air-conditioned and most are near a bathroom or diaper changing station.

There are some rides that are under 40 inches but still may not be for your child. Universal has a lot of big thrills and 3D action packed attractions. This truly depends on your child what experience is best for them. For example, you only have to be 36 inches to ride Skull Island: Reign of Kong in Islands of Adventure. My daughter was not a fan of the 3D experience of Dinosaurs, bats, and insects flying into her face. But she loved the 3D Spider-man attraction! A great tip is to watch YouTube ride videos to see how your child tolerates each ride. And I am always happy to give you my advice and expertise regarding each ride.

I would love to plan a Universal Orlando Resort vacation for you and your family! Please contact me at megkline@wishesfamilytravel.com to start the planning process!

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