5 Essential Items You Never Knew You Needed For Your Disney Cruise!

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July 30, 2020

By: Christina Szewczuk

Well, now that you’ve booked your fabulous Disney Cruise vacation with your Travel Professional, it’s time to start planning and packing! So, what do you need? Here is a good place to start! Check out this list for some things you may not have thought you needed. Some of these apply to other cruise lines as well, but make sure to double check with your Travel Professional to be sure before making any purchases.   

#1 Flashlight

It can get dark at night in the cabins! It’s convenient to have a small flashlight by your bedside to help you find your way to the bathroom or if you come in after others are sleeping. I brought a really small one (of course it was rose gold with rhinestones) with a carabineer clip on it and hung it on a hook by my bed. I definitely used this item every night and I am so glad I brought it with me.

#2 Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks

These are vital.  There are not a whole lot of places to hang things in the rooms. Since the walls (and ceiling!) are all magnetic, some good sturdy magnet hooks are a great way to create places to hang things and keep your room tidy. Make sure you get larger ones that will not only stick to the wall, but will be strong enough to hold and not slip down the wall once you hang something on it. I got mine at the hardware store but the ones I got were a little too small and not strong enough to hold something like a wet bath towel. I was able to hang my wet cover up, but not my bathing suit or beach towel. I was able to rig it a little by using two of them and spreading the weight of the towel across both hooks. Better to just get stronger ones though. They did hold my lanyard by the doorway, which was super convenient! This brings me to my next essential item…

#3 Lanyard with ID Badge Holder

You will need to carry your Key to the World card with you everywhere. It is your key to your room, you can charge to your stateroom with it, and to turn on your lights if you’re on Disney Dream or Fantasy. (More on that soon!) Having a lanyard is a great hands- free way to carry your card around. Make sure this is a lanyard with an ID Badge holder attached to it. It is also convenient if you have one that has a little money pouch to hold some cash for bar tips, etc.  Mine had one of these money pouches and also a spot for my license and credit card. I didn’t need those much on the boat but it was helpful to have for excursions as everything was in one compact spot.

#4 Refillable Cup with Reusable Straw

On the pool deck, there are self-serve drink stations with ice dispenser. These are unlimited and included in the price of your cruise. They do have small cups there, but it is nice to have your own cup that you know is clean and untouched by anyone else. I recommend an insulated tumbler or bottle style so you can keep your drinks cold. In the summer, I love having lots of ice in my water bottle so this is ideal.  Make sure to bring a reusable straw with you because there are no straws. There are also no lids! So if you have kids, it’s best to bring a small tumbler with a lid and reusable straw for them to use.

#5 Light Card

This one you will only need on the Fantasy and Dream Ships for the time being. Magic and Wonder ships are not currently using this particular light system. So, what the heck is a light card, right? It’s a little credit card/room key sized card that you will put in a small slot on the wall that controls your lights. It is meant to hold your room key. Theoretically, once you are in your room, you place your room key in the slot and your light switches will work. The problems people face with using their actual room key are that sometimes they forget to grab it out of the holder and end up locked out of their room. This is kind of a hassle if you’re by yourself at the moment or if you’re cruising solo. So bring something to stick in there so you don’t lock yourself out or end up missing something because you have to go back to the room and get your key. You can buy personalized light cards online but these are just for fun and not totally necessary. You can use any credit card shaped item, you don’t need to get a fancy one. An old room key, your Shoppers Club Card, your library card – they would all be fine alternatives to purchasing one.

So there you have it – 5 Disney Cruise Essentials! Do you have all of these things for your upcoming cruise? If not, get searching and have some fun with it!

Don’t have a cruise on the books yet? I would be happy to talk to you about booking one!

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