5 Magic Band Dont’s

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  1. Don’t forget to personalize your Magic Band

Part of the fun of the Magic Bands is picking out your favorite color and figuring out how you want to use your 9 character personalization on the underside of your band. Each person gets to choose what they want it to say on the bottom, so more than one person can have the same color. Many prefer their name or nickname, however it’s fun to get creative! (I like to do my initials and the trip year.) The color choices are red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, pink or gray. There are several prints available at an additional cost if you’re interested in upgrading. If you do forget to personalize, don’t worry. You will still get Magic Bands! You’ll be provided gray bands with your first name (up to 9 characters) printed on the underside. Your Wishes Family Travel Agent will handle this for you and remind you before the deadline to ensure you will get what you want.


  1. Don’t forget your Magic Bands!

Magic Bands are an important tool for a successful Disney trip! Your Magic Band will function as your room key, your park tickets, your line of credit, your FASTPASSES entry, your photopass, and your Magical Express ticket. However, if you do forget it, you will be able to get replacements at check in. BUT they will not be personalized. You will receive gray bands and a cast member will help you link them to your account.


  1. Don’t check them in your luggage.

If you are taking advantage of the luggage delivery service, it can take up to 4 hours for you to be reunited with your luggage in your room. This is time you could be spending in the parks! Also, if your luggage gets lost, you will at least have your band and be able to hang out in the parks until your bag is found. You will also need your Magic Band to check into the magical express to get to your hotel. Make sure these are in your carry on bag so you’ll have them handy!


  1. Don’t forget to link a credit card to it.

You can link a credit card to your band and choose your PIN number in your my disney experience account or at check in. This allows you to charge food and merchandise to your account while in the parks without having to carry a credit card or cash. To pay, you scan your band, type your pin and then complete the transaction. We like to charge everything to our account and pay off our account at the end of the trip before the total gets charged to the credit card. You can pay the balance down with cash or Disney Gift Cards at guest services at your hotel! If you want to do this, make sure to go to the desk the evening before checkout to pay.


  1. Don’t lose it.

This circumstance is extremely inconvenient, but don’t freak out. We can fix this. If you simply left them in your room, use the mobile key in your my Disney experience app to open your door and go ahead and grab them. Problem solved. If they are legitimately gone, you’ll need replacements. Since a pin code is needed to charge anything, you won’t have to worry about people using your bands to charge stuff or use your dining credits while they’re missing. You will, however, have to go directly to guest services. They will deactivate your lost bands and outfit you with new (gray) bands, connect them to your account and have you off on your merry way!

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