5 Reasons Why Memory Maker is totally worth the extra cash!

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Christina Szewczuk

f-26-14-13640945_XLat0jMU_IMG_6774One of my favorite things about going on vacation is taking photos and reliving my vacation when I get home by looking at all the great experiences I had. And I take a LOT of photos; to the point that I drive my husband a little crazy. “Come ON – you don’t need a picture of a sign!” Au contraire…

There are so many ways to enhance your stay at Walt Disney World. It is really hard to sift through and figure out which ones are worth the added expense and which ones are not worth it. I am voting for Memory Maker as one of those ones that is a must have! Here you will find my top 5 reasons why I think memory maker is the number 1 Disney extra that is totally worth the money.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Memory Maker, let me first explain what it is all about. Memory Maker is the Disney Photo Package. There are Photo Pass photographers through out the parks who will take your photo. They are stationed mostly in good spots for a perfect photo op or a picturesque area of the park. Yes, the Photo Pass Photographers will take photos for you with your own phone/camera, but there is more to Memory Maker than just a person taking pictures. Here is why…


1) Ease of Use

Once purchased, you’ll see in your app that it is included. Simply go into the parks and scan your band with the photographer and the photos will appear in the My Disney Experience app. Yes, its that easy! Sometimes it takes a little while to pop up but for the most part they pop up with in an hour or so. It will show your photos with a logo on it until you activate it, which can be done in the app. Once activated, you have 30 days to look at the photos and download however many of them you’d like to keep. One tip I can give you is to wait until the end of your trip to activate so you can get the most out of your 30 days. The photographers are happy to have some fun with you with fun poses and you should always ask for a Magic Shot! Which brings me to reason 2…


2) Magic Shots

Magic Shots are simply awesome. These are so much fun and these alone make the package worth it for me! So what the photographer will do is ask you do pose in a certain way. Maybe with your hand out, maybe looking in a certain direction or with a specific expression on your face… Then they add a fun surprise in the photo! Parties and some special events have their own exclusive magic shots only available during that party or special event. We have gotten some fabulous ones throughout the years!


3) Ride Photos/Videos

Included with Memory Maker are all of your ride photos! Yes, all of them! Sensors in the ride will read your Magic Band’s RFID and match up your photos with your account. They will all appear in your app. Some of the rides include a bonus video! These cute, funny videos are such a great little bonus. Some of the ride photos come out hilarious! Once you figure out where the cameras are you can really have some fun with these. I love finding these cameras and posing at just the right moment so the photo will out very silly. Again, I’ve gotten some doozies over the years! Since they are all included, you don’t have to decide which one single photo you like – you can play around with them and get some great shots. Maybe for this year’s Holiday Card???


4) Amazing Character Photos

Many of the character Meet and Greets have a photopass photographer. Some have a little photo box. You do get the photos from those too, but in my opinion, they are not as good as having a human there to capture certain moments. I’ll never forget this one moment where my daughter met Elsa for the first time. I took a bunch of pictures myself, but when I saw the moments the photographer captured on film I actually cried. I’m even tearing up now thinking about it! It is really nice to have the photographer there so you can just enjoy watching your kids have these experiences. It’s also nice to actually be IN the photo yourself! Which brings me to my 5th point…


5) Family Photos

So many times, we are missing a family member because they’re the photographer. In my family, that person is me. I like having photos where I am in them! Actually, the only recent family photos we have are us in Walt Disney World!


Ok this sounds great, right? So, here’s how you get it…

Your Travel Professional can add this feature to your package for you. It can also be added to tickets, or purchased for a single day. It is not limited to onsite guests. You can add it in the parks too but you’ll be paying more for it then. If you include it in your package ahead of time, you get a pre-purchase discount. At the time I’m writing this, it is a $30 discount. (That’s an extra souvenir or snacks for the family!)

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** I purchased Memory Maker and the photos were from that purchase. **

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