5 Signs You Have Disney Cruise Withdrawal

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Nicole Couch


A Disney Cruise is the ultimate vacation experience; one sailing and you will be hooked! The food, the entertainment, and service that is second to none! Anyone who has been lucky enough to experience a Disney Cruise first hand also knows the one downside to cruising, DCW: Disney Cruise Withdrawal. It is a well known phenomenon that most cruisers will experience anywhere from weeks to months following a Disney Cruise.

Here are five signs that you may be suffering from DCW: Disney Cruise Withdrawal

1. Your kids are expecting you to feed them… AGAIN!
On a Disney Cruise there are so many dining options that kids and adults will have plenty of choices for food throughout the day. There is a buffet, Cabanas, along with plenty of quick service options on the main pool deck. With all those choices, no one will go hungry and YOU don’t have to lift a finger!

2. You realize someone keeps forgetting your towel animals and chocolates! Wait, you have to make your own bed?!
Disney Cruise Line provides everyone with a Stateroom Attendant that makes sure you come back from your exciting day to a freshly made bed adorned with chocolates, and most nights a cute animal made out of towels! If you are traveling with kids, the couch in your room turns into a bed, and another one drops down from the ceiling. The Stateroom Attendant sets up the beds while you are at dinner, and during breakfast hours puts them away so you can enjoy more space in the room.



3. You are outraged that they are making you pay at movie theaters!
Onboard a Disney cruise, there is a theater that plays movies continuously throughout the day. They play family friendly movies all day and more current releases in the evenings. If you are lucky enough to be onboard when a new Disney movie is released, they will give a special sneak peak onboard! All of the movies are included in the price of the cruise for no additional cost!

4. You find your everyday life dull, mundane, and lacking in amazing, entertaining activities!
On Disney Cruise ships there is always something exciting going on! From Broadway quality shows, to Bingo games, to Disney trivia, there is something for everyone! Check your Navigator every night on your cruise to see what activities interest you for the following day. There are character meet and greets, water slides, fantastic excursions, mixology classes, gameshows, along with clubs to dance the night away!




5. There is an empty place in your heart where soft serve ice cream used to be
In addition to the multitude of restaurant options, there is an ice cream cone station aboard every Disney Cruise. It is open from 11 am to midnight and has a variety of flavors including vanilla/chocolate, banana/chocolate, and banana/strawberry. There are cones available, or you can grab a cup and a spoon from the drink station, fill It up, and save yourself a couple trips!


There is only one cure for Disney Cruise Withdrawal, and that is to start planning your next Disney Cruise! If you or anyone you know is suffering from any of these symptoms, I would love to help you plan your next adventure aboard a Disney Cruise. If you would like more information, please contact me at Nicole@wishesfamilytravel.com or (804) 514-3918. You can also check out my Facebook page by clicking HERE.

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