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By: Christina Szewczuk
May 29, 2018

I often get people questioning how to add a “fourth FastPass” to their plans. It’s actually quite simple! Disney allows you to schedule three FastPass + reservations for one park per day. We schedule these 60 days ahead for onsite guests and 30 days out for offsite guests. Once those 3 are redeemed, you may choose your fourth FastPass + at the same park you are already in or at another park. For example, if you were at Animal Kingdom in the morning and used all three FastPasses, you can add an additional one for Magic Kingdom. If you do not use all three FastPasses, you forfeit adding a fourth.


One thing that’s important to understand: Manage your expectations! These extra FastPasses are based on current availability. Do not expect to get a fourth FastPass + for high demand rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Toy Story Mania. It’s possible, but very rare. Make sure you plan accordingly and book the highest demand rides at your 60 or 30 day mark. There are generally some decent options available. You can often grab a FastPass+ for a later time that evening. For example, if your last FastPass+ time is about 2pm and you are headed back to the room for a break, you can grab another FastPass+ before you leave the park for something when you return that night. If you use it, you can even try for a fifth! OK, so how does one actually schedule these additional FastPasses? After you use the third FastPass+, there are two ways to add a fourth.

1) On your Smartphone in your my Disney Experience App

F7D7AAF7-1088-4510-BC7A-14F6999D13D3Once you’ve scanned your Magic Band and redeemed that third FastPass+, you can schedule the fourth. This is where the app has a clear advantage. While you are in line for the third ride, you can search for and schedule the fourth. Simply open the My Disney Experience App, tap “Get A Fastpass”. Choose the people in your party who will be joining you in your Fastpass + experience, choose the date and park and your options will populate. Tap on what you want, hit “Confirm” and you’re all set!

2) At one of the many Fastpass + Kiosks peppered throughout the parks


You can consult your park guide map or ask a Cast member for the locations of these kiosks inside each park. The operation is quite simple. Touch your magic band to the reader and your info will pop up. Choose who is riding with you… Then it will populate a list of available FastPass + reservations. Select the experience and the desired time, hit Next and then review and select “Done” and you’re ready to go!

Play it on your next trip and let me know how you liked it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Christina@WishesFamilyTravel.com. For more travel tips and tricks, follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

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