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Wishes Family Travel is a home-based agency. Opened in 2006 specifically as a Disney Destination agency, has since expanded to other luxury family travel products. Wishes only sells travel to families and romance seeking couples, the products that meet their high standards. Value, safety, fun, relaxation are the key factors that Wishes looks at when selecting vacation products. Wishes sells products that they have experienced themselves! There is never any guesswork because Wishes KNOWS!

All Wishes agents are people of faith, with specific skills, trained and enthusiastic, ready to help you plan your vacation. Even if your family is not of the Christian faith, you can feel confident that Wishes agents will always be honest and hard-working on your behalf.

As a personal concierge agency, we will need to speak with you to discover your travel dreams! For us to be able to plan your vacation, we need for you to provide us with personal information like: Who will be traveling with you; what are their ages; what do they like to do; what was your last vacation like; and what are the most important aspects of your vacation?

Many guests want to know how we can provide this level of service for free. We are paid a commission by the travel supplier that DOES NOT increase your cost. Other agencies add a service fee to the commission amount. We do not do that because we feel strongly that the commission in itself is our fair payment.

We are NOT an internet-based agency. We pride ourselves in our ability to take your vacation dream and make it reality through personal communication. You will never feel like you are one of thousands of Wishes guests. You will always feel that your vacation is very important to us because it is. Your hopes, dreams and experiences come before all other considerations; even over profit.

Our promise is to steer you towards the RIGHT vacation for YOU.


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