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Unlocking the Secrets of the Luxury Experiential Value of an Adventure By Disney Vacation – Part 1

Adventure By Disney – The Two Guides

By Shellie Wylie Aug 2016


Betti and Christine, our Two Exceptional Adventure By Disney Guides

The luxury traveler, you, want to know why exactly is this very expensive vacation experience worth your time and hard earned funds.  During our blog series, Unlocking the Secrets of the Luxury Experiential Value of an Adventure By Disney Vacation we will attempt to do just that.  Unlock those secrets so you, the traveler, can make the decision in comfort, fully armed with the facts, to take your Adventure!

Adventure By Disney (ABD) is unique as a guided tour experience.  The most advanced and innovative (and yes expensive) feature is that there are two luxury Adventure Guides on each departure.  What exactly does that mean as far as adding luxury experiential value to the vacation?

  1. Two is better than one. Together they can provide individualized service.
  2. Two is better to solve issues. They can act in tandem or individually to resolve whatever comes up.
  3. Two is better to manage special needs.
  4. Two is better to build camaraderie among the Adventurers.
  5. Two is better trained by Disney and their expectations are as high, or higher than the luxury traveler.
  6. Two is better as one is most certainly a local to the destination.
  7. Two is better so they can split off with the kids for a kid-centric activity.
  8. Two is better to notice how you are feeling, what you are doing, and what needs to happen to make your experience exceptional.


Playing games on the bus, Adventure by Disney Guides  - Southern Cal

Playing games on the bus, Adventure by Disney Guides – Southern Cal

The Two Guides learn about you before you arrive.  They are prepared to meet your needs.  If you have informed ABD that you have special dietary needs, they have informed all the pre-planned restaurants, and most likely have a list ready of “on your own” restaurants that are known for managing special requests.  If you tell ABD one child is especially shy, they will have special games and tricks on hand to make that child feel welcome and hopefully open up more easily to others.

Because there are two guides, if you are a slower walker, or have a fear of heights, or have to use the restroom often, all of these seemingly minor needs can be managed with one of the Guide’s assistance.  I personally traveled to Europe for my ABD, literally 24 hours after getting my boot off and into a brace after breaking my leg.  There were many times over the first few days that I was walking dead last, a block behind the rest of the group, but I wasn’t alone.  I had one or the other guide with me.  This would not have been possible with only one guide.  I would have lost the group in a city I was unfamiliar with and probably sat down and cried!

Love is a strong word.  So is camaraderie.    group ice cave   The two guides are pure experts at creating these very strong feelings among the Adventurers!  Many tears are shed on the last days of an Adventure By Disney.  Disney recruits only the best – the best in customer care, the best in customer experience, the best in personality traits: sympathy, empathy, humor, honesty, and integrity.  You don’t get hired as an Adventure By Disney guide because you know “so & so’s brother who works at Disney”.  You get hired because there isn’t ANYONE better than you.  That foundation of skills and personality is combined with Disney’s unsurpassed customer care training.  The end result are guides who are the best in the world.

And on any particular Adventure, one of the guides is either currently living in the area, grew up there, or has spent so much time there that they consider themselves a local.   This means one of the two Guides, who are the best quality in the world, knows the locations you are visiting like the back of their hand.  They can tell you exactly how to get the most of the location, where to eat, where to shop, where to see street music, where to have a cocktail, what park to sit in to read… whatever you need to know, they probably already know it.  And what’s really special is they can bring the location to life for you with personal stories and sharing what the locals think and feel.  It enhances the immersive experience.

The kids, what to do with the kids?!  There are always special activities that center around what children will enjoy that one of the two guides will lead.  This is great for the adults to give them time to do some boring thing like listen to a specialist talk about the history of the castle, or attend a wine tasting.  Two guides are better for different activities.

Four eyes watching you.  No, not creepy!  It’s the two guides doing their job by paying attention to each and every person on the Adventure!  They are masters of reading your mood, understanding your emotional as well as physical limitations and responding.  Responding may mean leaving you alone or engaging you in a deep conversation about the quality of the local beer.  Whatever it is, you can know that your needs are their top priority.  You will not get ignored unless that is, in fact your need!

I’ve had two personal experiences with Adventure By Disney Guides.  Having two, extremely gifted and well trained Adventure Guides by far is the most important part of the luxury value added to any ABD.

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