Adventure By Disney – The Transportation

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Unlocking the Secrets of the Luxury Experiential Value of an Adventure By Disney Vacation – Part 4

Adventure By Disney – The Transportation

By Rebecca Jones  Aug 2016


Traveling with Adventures by Disney is a one-of-a-kind experience.  From amazing food to the best in accommodations, each detail is taken care of for you.  That includes your transportation within your vacation.  After arriving at the airport in your destination location, all of your transportation needs are taken care of, and included in the price of your vacation. During my recent Adventures by Disney trip through Central Europe, we took a chartered bus to travel within countries, as well as between several of the attractions we were visiting.  PHOTOS for ABD page - transportationbus_interior

On our final morning in Prague, Czech Republic, we put our luggage outside our hotel room, and didn’t think about it again until we saw it being loaded into a small trailer behind the chartered bus that would be our transportation for the next few days.  (Luggage service is one more advantage of traveling with Adventures by Disney.  They take care of it for you – no pulling that heavy suitcase to the lobby or up to your room.)PHOTOS for ABD page - transportationbus_with_driver_and_ABD_sign

Once we boarded the bus, it was very comfortable.  Our group was a little smaller than the maximum number on a tour, so we had room to spread out and create our own little spaces on the bus.  It was clean, with a restroom on board for emergencies, as well as tv screens for movies on the longer bus rides.

During our travels, we were treated to candies and snacks from the local area, as well as fruits, chips, and all the bottled water we could drink. The Adventure Guides do a fantastic job of keeping you well-fed and hydrated during the trip, and even come back around periodically for your trash.

My favorite part of the bus rides, though, were when our Adventure Guides would get the microphone and tell us stories about themselves, or the sites we were visiting, or explain what we were seeing out the windows.  It was during these bus rides that we really got to know our guides personally, to see these sites through their eyes, and to know what it was like growing up in a different part of the world. While my vacation was all adults, there are often Junior Adventurers on these vacations, and the Adventure Guides typically will entertain them and play games on the bus, as well.  PHOTOS for ABD page - transportationBus_with_trailer

We had a dedicated bus driver who stayed with us through the majority of our stay, including our 3 days in Germany and into Vienna, Austria, and he was just as helpful and friendly as the guides.  We always knew we could trust him to get us where we needed to be, and he had to do some pretty crafty driving in the Bavarian Alps!

At the end of the vacation, we boarded the bus again for our trip to the airport.  Every facet of your transportation needs has been thought out and planned, and you are in good hands with Adventures by Disney.

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