Blast from the Past – Sci Fi Dine in at Hollywood Studios

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By: Susie Swanson
November 14, 2017

My family and I visited Disney in April 2017. We were only there for one day so we packed in as much as possible into that one day! We started by going to Epcot where we went on Soarin’ and GM Test Track. We also squeezed in a quick lunch before taking the monorail to Magic Kingdom. We spent a good portion of the day at Magic Kingdom, however, my “big kids” (ages 10 and 8) were dying to get to Hollywood Studios to ride Rockin’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror. We jumped on the bus and headed over. I was excited because I wanted to have dinner at Sci Fi and experience what it was like to eat there.

We called to see if we could make a reservation and they only had a dinner reservation for 8:30pm. We were thrilled that we could at least get in and still get to our attractions. We arrived for our reservation we were seated at the “travelers tables” that are located around the back of the U shaped restaurant. My kids loved it and really felt like they were eating in Radiator Springs from the famous Cars Movie. After seeing the Cars movie so many times it was so great to feel like I was right there in Radiator Springs!


Although our reservation was at 8:30pm, the restaurant was still full. When you walk in it is dark and there are “cars” facing a movie screen where old movies are being played. The atmosphere is a little different than most because guests are watching the movie and facing forward instead of facing each other. The whole place was rather somber and low key.


The menu was not huge but did offer a nice variety of food. I LOVED my meal! I ordered the chicken pasta with cream sauce. The asparagus that topped the dish was cooked to perfection. The portion was very large and I had enough for a carry out. My husband ordered the Ribs and they were very savory and fell right off the bone! They were finger lickin’ good! The kids also enjoyed their meals but I am pretty sure that the kids enjoyed the atmosphere more than the food. Service was very good and I would highly recommend visiting this restaurant the next time you are at Hollywood Studios.


If you have questions about the experience at Disney’s Sci Fi Restaurant please reach out to me and I would be happy to assist you. In the meantime here is a link to the restaurant for your viewing pleasure.

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