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A World Of Adventure

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A World Of Adventure

Tiffany Morse


My family had amazing adventures of all types while being emersed in a world away at SeaWorld, Orlando. I had received complimentary tickets through SeaWorld Training and then it worked out that my husband was sent Orlando for his job so we stayed an extra day and explored SeaWorld. We had an amazing time as a family. We explored the park, saw shows, had big thrills and animal encounters as we made lasting memories.

I have had the pleasure of going behind the scenes at SeaWorld during training. We got to speak privately with a trainer. Our team learned how much they love these animals and how far they go to help them. SeaWorld does care deeply about their animals, their health, and rehabilitation. It was incredible to speak with the trainers and get feel their passion for helping the animals.


This time was a different experince as I was sharing it with my family. We began our day at the Dolphin Theater. The show is both entertaining and informative. The dolphins can do so many tricks and respond to so many coomands. They love the fish that they get as treats. The trainers work hard with each one and each one has unique charateristcs and talents. The music was so well timed and themed. This is a must see show.


My kids 12 and 8 take after their Dad and are huge thrill junkies. By this time is was getting warm so we headed over to Journey to Atlantis.   My husband, Chris and my children, Abigail and Daniel went on this ride and I people watched. There was also a nice, shady bench here with shopping and restrooms close by.   They loved the ride and we got a pressed penny for each of them for their books.

Then we headed over to Mako. Be sure to check the height requirements before going. (We do this for our clients.) My youngest is still not quite tall enough for some of the really big coasters so we went for playing basketball and getting ice cream instead. He was sad, but I had forewarned him about that so we were prepared with other choices. They also have a section called Shamu’s Happy Harbor with rides and attractions for younger children.

Next we all headed over to the Penguins, a family favorite. The reality of this ride is hard to describe. You board your vehicle (there is a height requirement and a side with less motion for anyone who has motion sickness). You are taking a journey into the artic and let off in the perfect spot to view the penguins. The temperature is also like to arctic in there, fabulous on a hot day.


Before ending our day, we also rode Wild Artic ( a motion simulator ride) , saw the Shamu Show, the older two rode Kraken and Manta, Turtle Nursery and enjoyed the nightlife.

SeaWorld has an incredibel show with blacklights, glowsticks, a supervised onstage dance party for your children, great music and fireworks. It is a great way to end the night with this fun and festive atmosphere. SeaWorld had something for everyone and animal adventures around every corner.

To book your own incredible experience please contact me at:, 678-770-4144, or Facebook:


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First Look: Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind at Disney California Adventure Park

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First Look: Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind at Disney California Adventure Park

by , Editorial Content Director, Disneyland Resort

As Disney California Adventure park prepares to welcome Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind to Pixar Pier, we’re excited to share a first look at this family-friendly attraction!

Inspired by the hit Disney and Pixar film “Inside Out,” Emotional Whirlwind opens later this month in the Inside Out Headquarters neighborhood of Pixar Pier. Once you hop aboard one of eight Memory Movers, you’ll take a sense-ational spin and help Riley’s Emotions (aka Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear) sort through memories being collected.

Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind interior

To complement the whimsical atmosphere, Academy Award-winning composer Michael Giacchino created five music tracks, one for each of the emotions. Last year Michael collaborated with Walt Disney Imagineering to compose the music for the thrilling Incredicoaster.

Pixar Pier celebrates its one-year anniversary this weekend. The reimagined land shares the stories and characters of Pixar films with exciting attractions, themed neighborhoods and fun eateries.

We hope you’ll make your own memories when Emotional Whirlwind opens!

Originally Published:

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A World’s Worth of Fun in an Island Paradise

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A World’s Worth of Fun in an Island Paradise

Tiffini Hensley

The beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands have been a top dive location for many years, with their vibrant coral reefs and turquoise waters. However, this destination is a wonderful choice for travelers who plan to keep their heads above water as well.

I recently had the joy of visiting Beaches Turks and Caicos with my husband and son for a quick getaway and was astounded by how much there was to see and do! The large resort is split into five villages; the Italian Village, the Caribbean Village, the Seaside Village, the French Village and the Key West Village. Each village has key features that allow the village to be self-sustaining for those guests who would prefer to stay close to their room, rather than venture around the resort.

Each village has its own dining and entertainment options, however for those with children, the French and Italian Villages have closer access to the wildly popular Pirates Island Waterpark. In addition to many slides, the waterpark is home to an exciting surf simulator, lazy river and kid friendly swim up pool bar, which only serves mocktails.


Additional attractions that are a hit for families are the Xbox Lounge, Sesame Street characters, the Choo Choo Train (which makes its way around the entire resort) and the Kids Camp.

Continuing the family theme are the variety of room categories in the resort (there are over 44 room categories in all!), with several rooms that contain a kid’s room separate from the parents!

The extra touches to these rooms are remarkable, from the lower vanity counters in the kid’s room, to the child size robes, your children will be able to feel special on vacation as well. No matter what your vacation style or budget, there is a room option here for you!

For the kids, the best part about visiting a Beaches Resort for families is the access to their on-site kid’s club. No matter what age your child is, there is a club for them, and it’s all included with your stay. With certified nannies on hand to help with the smallest of vacationers, to a teen program, complete with its own nightclub, you’ll be begging your kiddo to spend more time at the beach with you, instead of their new-found friends! Beaches has truly thought of every family’s needs by ensuring that all nannies and camp counselors are both INA and IBCCES certified. By partnering with Sesame Street, they also have many unique experiences that are complimentary, as well as some other fun extras that can be added on, such as breakfast with the characters or tuck-ins.


Although Beaches Turks and Caicos is an exceptional resort for families, it also is a great option for friends and couples. The resort is home to 21 restaurants and 15 bars, where the brand has carried over their gourmet discovery dining theme, so that the food and beverage options are a foodie’s paradise! For those looking for a bit more excitement, each evening there are variety of lovely entertainment options, ranging from family friendly to those only suitable for adults.

For all guests, there are many land and water sports to enjoy, including snorkeling, snuba and scuba! That’s not to mention the biggest reason vacationers love to visit this resort, that beautiful beach!




If you’d like to see additional pictures and videos from my visits to Beaches Turks and Caicos, please check out my Facebook page, If you’d like more information, or to start planning your next vacation, please contact



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Four Parks, One Day!

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Four Parks, One Day!

Juli Russ

When your family only has one day at Walt Disney World, everyone wants to experience different attractions and those attractions are in different parks what do you do? My family decided to attempt all four parks in one day!

The four of us sat down and came up with our plan of attack prior to the day we could make our FastPass selections. We looked at the park hours, paying special attention to which parks opened early for guests staying in a Walt Disney World hotel. We also checked to see if there were any special events that might cause larger crowds at any of the parks.

We decided to begin the day in Animal Kingdom because Extra Magic Hours were scheduled that day. Our plan was to rope drop Animal Kingdom and then ride Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest. We would then plan to secure our FastPasses for Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios which had opened two months before our visit. After Hollywood Studios we would stop by Epcot for Soarin then end the day at Magic Kingdom. Our plan was set! Now we wait to see if the FastPass selections would work out. At 7:00 am at the 60 day mark I was ready. I was not able to get my first choice, Slinky Dog Dash the new roller coaster in Toy Story Land but that was ok, we got three of our favorite rides. Now we could put the whole plan in place.

Our priority at Animal Kingdom was to get on Flight of Passage as quickly as possible. The line for Flight of Passage reaches 120 minutes very quickly, even during Extra Magic Hours. The best way to be at the front of the line is to arrive 45 minutes to an hour prior to Rope Drop, which is what Park Opening is called at Disney. We were pretty close to the front of the line having arrived at 7:15 am with a park opening time of 8:00 am. While we were waiting the skies opened up and it poured for about 15 minutes, luckily, we were prepared with ponchos.


At Rope Drop the fun really begins! We, along with hundreds of other guests, walked as fast as we could toward Pandora to get in line for Flight of Passage. We were successful! As we entered the line the wait was 20 minutes, as we exited the ride the wait was 90 minutes. Flight of Passage is an incredible ride and has been added to our list of favorites. After Flight of Passage we headed toward Expedition Everest which we walked right on to and rode a total of 3 times. At 9:00 am we were leaving Animal Kingdom having ridden both rides we had wanted to ride.

On to Hollywood Studios! We were all very excited to see the all new Toy Story Land and to ride Toy Story Mania, our first FastPass of the day. After we rode Toy Story Mania, we noticed that the line for Slinky Dog Dash was 55 minutes so we excitedly hopped in line! The ride was worth the wait, a very fun family roller coaster. Our second FastPass time was approaching so we left Toy Story Land and made our way to Rockin Roller Coaster followed by Tower of Terror. As soon as we entered the line for our third FastPass, Tower of Terror, we got on our My Disney Experience App to grab a FastPass for Epcot, our next park.


At Epcot we were able to get a FastPass for Soarin, after which our kiddos took the monorail over to Magic Kingdom while my hubby and I enjoyed the International Food and Wine Festival. We enjoyed several of our favorite items like the filet from Canada, the Grand Marnier slush and escargot in France, as well as trying new items. It was tough to leave Epcot, Food and Wine Festival is our favorite Disney event, but we had goal to complete!


The monorail is a convenient way to travel between Epcot and Magic Kingdom. We boarded the monorail and were off to meet the kids at Magic Kingdom. It was really exciting to walk into Magic Kingdom knowing we had succeeded in our plan. We rode Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, which is a tradition in our family and then Space Mountain. Watching the sunset over Cinderella’s Castle was the perfect way to end our park hopping day.


Having a plan is crucial to a park hopping day at Walt Disney World. Having a rental car is also a good way to save time and get to each park more quickly. Instead of enjoying a sit-down meal together we tried several quick service options which saved time. I would love to help you plan your Walt Disney World, whether a quick park-hopping visit or a relaxing take-your-time trip. Email me at for a complimentary quote.


Follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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Golf with a view!

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Golf with a view!

Leslie DiNunzio

When sailing on a Disney Cruise, there is never a lack of things to do. Your daily Navigator lists all scheduled activities from sunup to sundown, all broken down by age (kids, tweens/teens, adults or family activities). In addition, there is plenty of exploring you can do on the ship to seek out additional things to do.

On deck 13 Aft of the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, you can actually play a round of mini golf. Goofy’s Golf is complimentary and includes nine holes of play. At hole one, you can grab your golf club and select your favorite color golf ball (and pencil and paper if you want to keep score). From there, the competition begins.


Each hole has a tee box area for both adults and children. You can even see footprints where Goofy and Max stood. My kids think it’s fun for Mom or Dad to align their feet as Goofy did for each hole.


Each hole has a different theme from sports to ocean to pets. The decorations and obstacles at each hole are adorable, as in typical Disney fashion. Like any typical mini golf course, the ball does not return once you complete the ninth hole. No free games for a 9th hole “hole in one” since there is no charge to play in the first place! Bragging rights is it!


What adults might enjoy the most when playing is the view. Since Goofy’s Golf is located on the far aft of the ship and goes around the back edge, the view from every hole is spectacular and unobstructed. Whether it’s a calm port day while the ship is docked to a breezy sea day without any land in sight, the scenery is amazing. Try not to miss your child’s winning shot as you stare at the blue ocean as far as you can see.

For more information on a Disney Cruise, please contact me at

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Publicity Hagrid Grand Opening Moment 061319

It’s official: Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure – the epic new addition to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade – is Now Open at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Starting today, you can brave the mysteries and thrills of the Forbidden Forest and join Hagrid as you come face-to-face with some of the wizarding world’s rarest magical creatures on the most highly-themed, immersive coaster experience yet.

To celebrate the opening, Harry Potter film stars Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood), Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick) and James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley) led guests in reciting the iconic spell, “Wingardium Leviosa” in unison, to reveal the entrance of the new experience and welcome guests inside.

Hagrid Grand Opening Moment

Take a look at some of the highlights from the magical opening moment:

There’s so many reasons to be excited for the first-ever “story coaster,” but here’s a couple to rev your motorbike engines:

  • Board magical motorbikes – riding on either the motorcycle or in the adjacent sidecar – and venture to the Forbidden Forest, featuring more than 1,200 trees
  • Come face-to-face with some of the wizarding world’s rarest magical creatures, such as a majestic Centaur, a swarm of mischievous Cornish pixies, Fluffy, the three-headed dog, Blast-Ended Skrewts – a creature that’s never been seen in the films – and more
  • Encounter Hagrid himself as the most life-like animated figure Universal Orlando has ever created
  • Become entangled in a thicket of Devil’s Snare and unexpectedly free-fall nearly 17 feet to escape the perilous plant
  • Feel the freedom of flight as you ascend above the trees, rapidly accelerate through the ruins, speed forward – and backward – up to 50 mph and more.

Are you ready to ride with Hagrid? Share your excitement for the opening with #WizardingWorldOrlando on TwitterInstagram, and FacebookSee you next lesson!

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How to spend your Castaway Cay day without spending a thing!

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How to spend your Castaway Cay day without spending a thing!

Allison Flynn

One of my favorite parts about sailing with Disney Cruise Line is stopping at Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay. (And, pretty soon, there will be a second private destination in the Bahamas!)

While there are excursions you can book prior for Castaway Cay, there are so many things you can enjoy that are either included in your cruise fare or are inexpensive ways to while the day away.

Beach day!

Castaway Cay offers the ultimate beach day. Sand-loving kids and adults will have no shortage of spots to build elaborate castles. (Cinderella Castle, anyone?) Sand toys are available for purchase on the island, and we found the price of these to be affordable. Since we needed new sand toys for home, we bought them so our boys could build to their hearts’ content.

Chairs and umbrellas are on each of the beaches, and there’s no additional cost to rent these. If you want a chair on the family beach, it is recommended to get off the ship early in order to snag a great spot. On our sailing (which was during a less prime time of year), it wasn’t an issue to get a chair even later in the morning. But for summer sailings, I wouldn’t wait and be one of the first off the ship.


Water fun

Castaway Cay is home to Pelican Plunge, a 2,400 square foot water play area that is situated in the blue waters of the sea. There are two water slides that dump you out into the ocean, and a bucket that will pour water all over you. I don’t recommend this experience for small children who do not like to get soaked or who aren’t strong swimmers. It’s a decent swim from the beach to Pelican Plunge, so it may be intimidating for some children (and adults.)

You will also find Spring-A-Leak, a splashpad where you never know where water will spray next. This area is great for little ones who want to cool off but may not feel comfortable in the ocean.


You can also bring along your own snorkel gear and explore the ocean’s bottom. This activity takes place just off the Castaway Family Beach. There are two “trails” to follow – beginners should follow the Discover Trail, while those with more experience can go along the Explorer Trail. There are all kinds of sealife to see – and be sure to look out for the hidden Mickey!

Be active!

You are welcome to explore Castaway Cay in a variety of ways – from running the Castaway Cay 5K (you’ll want to ask if this will be offered onboard the ship) to renting a bicycle and pedaling your way around. You can also take the tram to various beaches along the island in order to enjoy the beauty of it all.

There are also volleyball nets located on the Sports Beach. Hone your skills and challenge your family to a game!

Enjoy lunch and a snack!

There’s no reason to head back to the ship when you’re hungry. Castaway Cay offers a buffet lunch (included in your cruise fare) at Cookies and Cookies Too BBQ. Both serve a variety of foods from hamburgers and hot dogs, to salads and pasta. Those with food allergies should check to see which offers allergen-friendly foods. During our sailing it was at Cookies.

Be sure to save room for dessert … or have a mid-morning snack … or mid-afternoon snack … and one last snack before heading back to the ship. Soft serve ice cream is found on the ship, but to me, what was served on Castaway Cay was better. I’m not exactly sure of the flavors, but it was tropical and just so yummy.


Relaxation and views

What better way to chill out than to pile up in a hammock and gaze at the blue water or the magnificent ship in the distance. We spent a few minutes just swaying to and fro before catching the tram back to the ship.


I cannot wait to spend the day at Castaway Cay again, and am considering an itinerary with two stops at this private island because we enjoyed it that much! If I can help your family plan a sailing with this port of call, please contact me at or visit my Facebook page!





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Sesame Street Character Breakfast at Beaches Negril

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Sesame Street Character Breakfast at Beaches Negril

Rebecca Jones

Beaches Resorts have a great partnership with the Sesame Workshop, and the Sesame Street characters can be found throughout the Beaches properties. They might be on trash cans, painted rocks, or signs you can pose with. The characters themselves are in the kids’ areas, and have a nightly show in the theater that anyone can attend.


While Beaches are all-inclusive, meaning all of your food and beverages are included, as well as most of your sporting activities, there are a couple of things you can pay extra for. One of them is the Sesame Street character breakfast.

Offered on select mornings only, we attended the breakfast during our recent stay at Beaches Negril. We were given tickets to present to the hostess, and she directed us to a table that was one of about eight, set up on the beach under a large structure. There were party hats and gift bags on the tables, similar to a child’s birthday party, and long tables along the side full of food and desserts.

f-26-19-12853669_qgrpy719_SS_Breakfast_party_decorations f-26-15-12853669_YMBeJGug_SS_Breakfast_FOOD

There was just about everything you’d expect at a breakfast buffet. From fresh fruit, bagels, and fried eggs, to pastries, cereal, and bacon, we had all we could eat. There were even adorable cupcakes, decorated to look like the Sesame Street characters!

We were invited to fill our plates and start eating, as the characters came out to greet us, one by one. We met almost all of the characters, including Ernie, the Count, Elmo, Zoey, Julia, and Cookie Monster. They came around to our table and posed for as many photos as we wanted, which was really nice.


After the characters had seen all the guests at their tables, and we were done eating, we were invited out to the beach for a dance party. All the characters danced with the families for several songs, then each family was invited to take a large group picture with all the characters.

Since my kids are much older than the average Sesame Street fans, we were some of the first to leave the event, but as we walked away, the dancing and fun continued.

I loved how interactive the characters were and how they spent plenty of time with each family. We had all the food we wanted, and the desserts were adorable.

I’d love to assist you with your next Beaches Resort vacation in Jamaica or Turks & Caicos. I can be reached at, or (325) 733-8399.

I highly recommend adding the Sesame Street character breakfast to your stay. It’s a great way to start your day!

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Springtime at Walt Disney World

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Springtime at Walt Disney World

Corrie Krpejs

Being able to travel to Walt Disney World at any time of the year is always amazing. But traveling in the Springtime can offer you and your family beautiful weather and special events. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider visiting Walt Disney World at Springtime!

  1. Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival

Epcot becomes even more beautiful during this event. The park is bursting with beautiful blooms and topiaries. They even offer interactive gardens for the little ones. While you are walking around enjoying the beautiful sights, be sure to stop and enjoy the food and drinks from the Outdoor Kitchens. This is a great reason to add the Disney Dining Plan! You can use some of your snack credits here. Also, be sure to enjoy some great music at the Garden Rocks Concert Series. All of this is included in your Epcot admission!


  1. Easter Activities

Looking to spend Easter break at the Parks? Walt Disney World offers lots of great activities. Typically, Epcot offers an Eggstravangza Scavenger Hunt, where guests hunt for character-themed eggs around World Showcase. Be sure to also check out all the special springtime treats located around Walt Disney World. Most resorts offer some type of candy-themed activity for Easter. Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny have been known to also show up at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. If you are also interested in attending Easter Service, it typically has been held at the Contemporary Resort.

  1. Weather

One of my favorite reasons to visit Walt Disney World during the Springtime, is the weather! Temperatures do start to warm up in April and May but still should be quite pleasant. Water Parks are also usually fully opened by April. You can still count on the possibility of a chillier day so be sure to pack a light jacket or sweatshirt. Wanting to take advantage of swimming at your resort but worried about the cooler weather? Not to worry! Walt Disney Resort pools are heated.


Whether you are looking for a Spring Break destination for all ages, Easter getaway, or wanting to kick off Spring in a fun way. Consider the possibilities of a Walt Disney World vacation.

For a complimentary quote:

Wishes Family Travel – Corrie Krpejs



*Thank you to A. Sanders for sharing her beautiful photos!

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Time to Cast Your Spell at The Wizarding World

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Time to Cast Your Spell at The Wizarding World

Anna Trosper

If you are a big Harry Potter fan like me, then you will definitely want to get an interactive wand in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. No trip is complete without one! So where do you get one and what do they do? I am here with all the answers and to help you plan a very Wizarding trip!

Where to start? Well, first there are 22 different interactive wands to pick from and all are inspired by your favorite characters from the Harry Potter films:

  • Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Cedric Diggory
  • Cho Chang
  • Draco Malfoy
  • Fleur Delacour
  • Professor Dumbledore
  • Ginny Weasley
  • Harry Potter
  • Hermione Granger
  • Luna Lovegood
  • Professor Lupin
  • Mad-Eye Moody
  • Professor McGonagall
  • Narcissa Malfoy
  • Neville Longottom
  • Nymphadora Tonks
  • Ron Weasley
  • Sirius Black
  • Professor Snape
  • Lord Voldemont
  • Yaxley
  • Death Eater Snake

Just incase you need more options, they also have a few wands that are not based on a character but instead are unique to the witch or wizard’s personality. This will be the hard part; what wand are you going to get? While you’re thinking it over let me tell you where you can find these magical wands.


When you are in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley in Universal Orlando you can find the interactive wands at Ollivanders and Wands by Gregorovitch.


When you are in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Hogsmeade, in Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando, you can find them at Ollivanders. There is also a wand cart on your way to Hogwarts Castle. If you have time, I recommend you visit the wand keeper in Ollivanders and see the magic of a wand choosing its witch or wizard! Wands can also be found in the Universal Store as you enter Universal Studios and also in CityWalk.


So now that you now where to get one, what can you do with this interactive wand? Glad you asked! Once you have your wand you are ready to cast spells in both Wizarding Worlds. When you get your wand, inside the box is a double-sided map that shows all the spell casting locations. While meandering through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you will notice gold medallions on the ground. This is where you stand to cast the spell and it may show proper wand movement as well. A few of them are tricky and might take some practice. With some training you will be casting magical spells in no time!


Oh, don’t forget your robe! I will cover that next time! If you would like more information on a Wizarding World vacation, I would be happy to help. For a complimentary quote, click on this link and complete the form! You can contact me at or visit my Facebook page.

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