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By: Annette Miller
December 19, 2017

AM_Charged_Up_Blog_Photo_1I live with my phone. Whether I am taking photos, emailing clients, or posting to social media, it is rare for me to be seen without my phone. This is often a huge drain on my phone’s battery. I have tried a number of different options for keeping my electronic sidekick charged while I am on vacation, so I was excited when I heard about Fuel Rods. My personal mission on my last vacation was to test out this service to see how well they worked.

Fuel Rods are portable chargers for electronic devices, and are available at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World (as well as many other locations nationwide). There are kiosks available in each Park as well as many of the Resorts. A starter kit can be purchased for $30, and it comes with adaptors which allow it to be compatible with most electronic devices. Once used, a Fuel Rod may be exchanged at these kiosks as often as you would like for free. The Rod may also be charged via a standard USB connection.

AM_Charged_Up_Blog_Photo_2My experience with Fuel Rod was just ho-hum. The connection to my phone was loose, so I had to hold it in place in order for it to charge. Additionally, a single Fuel Rod provided only a 50% charge to my battery. (I have an iPhone 7 Plus, so your results may vary.) I did, however, appreciate the convenience of being able to receive a replacement while I was on the run in the Parks.

With all of that said, here are my recommendations for keeping your electronics charged up while in the Parks.

  1. Portable Charger – My number one choice is still a portable charger. There are some great options on the market that can provide two full charges, which make them a great value. If you forget yours, Fuel Rod is a decent alternative in a pinch. These are also the most convenient choice since you can charge while you’re on-the-go.
  2. Charging Stations – My second favorite choice is the various charging stations that are available in each of AM_Charged_Up_Blog_Photo_3the Parks, like this one near the Rapunzel restrooms in Fantasyland. If you have some down time (or want to take advantage of a restroom/meal break), these are a great option for recharging your battery…and your phone’s. Be sure to bring your own charging cord, though, as these are completely self-service.
  3. Drop-Off Service – If you don’t mind being without your phone for a bit, you can drop your phone off at Guest Services in any of the Parks and they will charge it for you. You can leave it for an hour, or as long as you’d like, and receive a claim ticket so that the correct phone is returned to the correct Guest. (I also recommend setting your lock screen with a photo of your name, Resort name, and room number…just in case the two of you are separated.)
  4. Airplane Mode – A final option, which won’t work for everyone, is to set your phone in Airplane Mode. This prevents apps from running or using your location in the background while you roam the Parks. You will still be able to take photos, so snap away!

If you would like to take your own fully-charged Disney Parks vacation, or if I can be helpful with more information about the locations of the charging stations or Fuel Rod kiosks, please feel free to email me at or visit my Facebook page for the latest offers. I would be honored to help you make the most of every magical moment!

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