Christmas can be found year-round at Winter Summerland

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By: Allison Flynn
May 1, 2018

Imagine snowmen and igloos in the warm Florida sun. While it doesn’t sound possible, it is – with the help of a little Disney magic!

In addition to the great fun to be had inside the theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort, there are also two miniature golf courses to test your skills on!

Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf offer you the chance to see who comes in under par in a fun and – in the case of Winter Summerland – festive environment. There is a fee to play the courses unless you have opted to purchase ParkHopper+ tickets with your Disney vacation package. My family did, so we used one of our “pluses” to play a course.

Winter Summerland greets you with Christmas spirit, which was welcome during our summer vacation. Even though it was very, very hot, I could imagine we were at the North Pole! There is a sleigh at the entrance, and if I’d planned better, we could’ve made our holiday card photo right then and there.

We opted to play the Winter side of the course. Guests can choose to play either side or both. I love Christmas, and from what I could see, winter looked like it was all about my favorite holiday. Boy, was I right!

Winter Summerland features many of the same hole conventions you’ll see on other miniature golf courses – obstacles to putt around, traps, and more. Never have I seen a course with such interactive features, though. On one hole there is ice fishing, and when you sink your shot, you hear Santa chuckle ho, ho, ho.

A3061CDC-224D-47EB-99CF-B5EB7618B337Each hole had unexpected surprises – like one where the ball goes into a spinning barber pole before coming out to roll toward the hole. My favorite hole was near the end, and featured Santa’s legs coming in and out of the chimney.

Hole 18 has a message delivered from Santa via the “winternet.” My boys enjoyed seeing him and planning ahead to what they’d ask him for in December.

The course took us about an hour and a half to play, and was a great way to kick off our last vacation. We had planned for it to be one where we did something new and enjoyed other activities outside of the parks, and this definitely fit the bill.

There are so many activities for families at the Walt Disney World Resort – from fun and games, to recreation, and arts and crafts. If you’d like to discuss how to fit these into your next itinerary, let’s talk! Visit me on Facebook or email me.

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