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Anna Trosper

How does Disney do it? They keep getting better and better for us Star Wars fans! Once Disney acquired Star Wars they have been steadily adding more and more Star Wars themed attractions and improvements. The biggest to come will be in 2019 when Star Wars Land: Galaxy’s Edge opens in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They also have a Star Wars themed resort in the works! I can’t wait to see that, but until then I have plenty to see and do to keep this Star Wars fan happy.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to most of the Star Wars themed adventures. Let’s begin here and take a look at what you can experience.


Star Tours the Adventure continues might be your first stop in Hollywood Studios. This is a flight simulator that also uses 3D video. Oh, and don’t think you’ll ride it once and that’s it! Disney has an array of different videos so that every time you ride it’s a different experience. Have your camera ready when in line because there are some great photo opportunities at the entrance and during your walk through the queue that you won’t want to miss.

Next to Star Tours, on the left, you will see a stage. This is where Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple is held. If you have a young Star Wars fan between the ages of 4 and 12 years, you will want to sign them up. If I am your agent I will make sure you know all about this and where to go! Training spots fill up fast and it is first come, first served. New recruits will learn how to use the Force with the help of trained Jedi. They will also learn and get to practice lightsaber skills. They just might need them to fight a Star Wars Villain!

Every Star Wars fan needs to have their own lightsaber, right? Well you are in luck. There are two locations on Walt Disney World property where you can create your own lightsaber: Once Upon a Toy in Disney Springs and Tatooine Traders in Hollywood Studios. These are not just any lightsaber; you get to customize your very own design. This is a must for every Star Wars fan.


When you go to Hollywood Studios you will also get to meet a variety of Star Wars characters. Star Wars Launch Bay is the place for meet-n- greets. You might come across my favorite characters, Chewbacca and Kylo Ren, or even a Stormtrooper or two walking around. Not only can you meet characters, but you can also check out a ton of nostalgic exhibits of Star Wars artifacts. Some of them are life size reproductions! Interactive Star Wars games can also be played here.

March of the First Order! You will need to keep an eye out on Hollywood Boulevard. Throughout the day the Stormtroopers will march thru the park. It is very cool to see! Also, throughout the day Stormtroopers are out and about interacting with guests. Very fun!

Make sure to end your day at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios with a bang! Stick around for Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular.  This evening show is certainly appropriately named.  It truly is a spectacle with projections of Star Wars movie scenes, a light show, and fireworks. And of course, it is accompanied with the famous musical scores from the movies.  I can’t think of a better way for a Star Wars fan to end a day in Disney World.

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can attend A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party! You must make reservations for this separately ticketed event.  Tickets include a variety of delectable Star Wars themed desserts and signature drinks (both kid-friendly and alcoholic beverages are available). Your dessert experience takes place in Star Wars Launch Bay, and once it concludes, you’ll enjoy special reserved seating for the Galactic Spectacular show.  Finally, your Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party wouldn’t be complete without a Star Wars souvenir.

Ok, now this is a must do! The VOID recently opened at Disney Springs and in it is Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. The VOID is an ultimate virtual reality experience and is a perfect place for tweens, teens, and adults. For the Star Wars fan, Team up (or be teamed up) with four guests and go under disguise to recover the secrets of the Empire. The multi-sensory environment makes virtual reality feel like…well, REALITY! Star Wars fan or not, you’ll enjoy this one! This does take a ticket, so make sure to get there ahead of time to purchase.

Star Wars fans in Walt Disney World have been lucky to enjoy various special Star Wars themed events over the years.  Many fans enjoyed the previous Star Wars Weekends, where special guest stars from the world of Star Wars made appearances.  While this event has been discontinued, fans can now celebrate Star Wars by attending Galactic Nights at Hollywood Studios.  It’s a specially ticketed event that’s really a huge Star Wars party. Guests (Yes, even adults!) can put on their favorite Star Wars costumes and enjoy an evening full of themed entertainment and events, such as a scavenger hunt throughout the park. And of course, there’s always the opportunity to meet Star Wars characters.  I love that this is a special event because that means ride lines will be short or non-existent!


Over the years there have been a variety of Star Wars events. I was lucky on December 17, 2015 when my son and I got tickets to the opening night of Star Wars the Force Awakens. What a day! We walked the red carpet as we went into the theater at Disney Springs, we met many Star Wars characters and had our photos taken, and we saw the movie before it was out to the public. That night Hollywood Studios was open from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am only for guests that had tickets to the movie premier. It was like we had the whole park to ourselves. We walked right on the rides and there were no lines for meet-n-greets. We also were among the first to see the all new Star Wars Galactic Spectacular. Even with all this, I have to say the best part of the whole experience was sharing it with my son! This is a memory we will share forever.

So, if you are a big Star Wars fan like me, I know you would love all these great adventures. If you have been thinking of a Disney trip I would be happy to help you plan a great one and will make sure you do not miss any of the Star Wars adventures. You can contact me at: annat@wishesfamilytravel.com or please visit my page: www.facebook.com/atrosper.wft . I look forward to helping you with your next adventure.

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