Disney World Trading Pins

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Lisa Perna

Disney pins can be found in Disney parks, at the Disney store, or online at Shop Disney. Every official Disney pin will have the Disney trademark, a stamp of authentication with the date, and mickey heads imprinted on the back. It will also have mickey head that caps off the end to secure the pin to your lanyard.


Disney pins can be bought in a starter set with a lanyard or they can be bought individually, or even in a mystery package. On the back of the mystery packaging, it will show you all of the possible pins you can get. Only one of the pins will be in the package.


When you are traveling to the parks, make sure to look for limited edition pins. Limited edition pins come out for each holiday and event. For 2018, some Christmas pins came in a set of two. This included one Mickey inspired Christmas sweater and a Mickey shaped bell or peppermint.


If you meet a Disney cast member wearing a pin, you can trade one of your pins for one of theirs. In order to trade your pin, it must have the Disney trademark on the back. Remember that you can only trade two pins with each cast member per day.

f-26-15-12765729_xpreMQo0_IMG_0186When you are trading pins, keep an eye out for special pins called “Hidden Mickey” pins. These have a tiny Mickey head waiting to be found.

If you have not already started to collect Disney pins, pick some up the next time you are at Disney World. If you have any questions about Disney pins or if you are planning your next Disney vacation, feel free to contact me at lperna@wishesfamilytravel.com. Follow me on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram!

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