Don’t Make the Car Seem So Far

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By: Missy Ryan
March 27, 2018

F12CCBC3-DB5C-4714-82B2-3F435CC89701 So many read, see pictures, and hear about the wonderful memories that Walt Disney World can create. There is so much do, eat, play, and stay; however, sometimes it is hard for large families to pack their crew and fly them off to the most magical place on earth. Often I hear families speak of having a family over 4 can be quite costly for them to fly and they prefer to cut costs wherever possible.

F3ADCC65-3DAA-42B6-B0E3-7C5C04EEA679 As a seasoned visitor to Walt Disney World, I can say full-heartedly, that the last place you want to cut costs is with your stay. The trip itself is filled with so much magic that allowing room in your budget to stay on property, incorporate the meal plan, and experience all the parks is a must. So when cutting costs and the idea of driving is introduced, my best advice is to be prepared.

● Know your route. The quickest way will save you time, sanity, and reduce undue stress.
● When traveling with children, remember activities and snacks are key to a long road trip.
● Now depending on where you are in the States and your family rules, movies or educational shows can be an enormous life saver!
● Ages of your children will determine your activity and plan of action. However, if you only have one driver, be sure to plan your stops around meal times. Two drivers always decreases the chance of an accident and helps move the trip right along.
● Some families prefer to drive directly through to Walt Disney World. Again, depending on your location will determine your course and planned stops. Coming from Maryland, a good midpoint would be the South Carolina-Georgia line.
● Know your limits and do not push further than what you think you can accomplish. Several people view a road trip as a casual drive. It does take a toll on you though.
● Stop for gas in the daylight. You do not want to wake any sleeping little ones if you have to stop in the night time.
● Make a game of traveling from state to state. Get out and take a picture at each state line. This will break up the monotony of the trip and keep things interesting. Visitor Centers are a great place to stop and regroup.

CC96DBFB-7084-46D8-883E-57DE28269F8D Of course, not everyone will find these tips beneficial, but take what you can and tweak it to what best fits your family’s needs.
When arriving at Walt Disney World, if you are staying at an onsite resort, you will enjoy complimentary parking. If you prefer, you may also park at the parks. My opinion is once you get there, then keep safe and let someone else transport you around from day to day for the duration of your stay.
If you want to learn more about vacationing at Walt Disney World, please contact me at or on Facebook.

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