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Maybe you’ve heard? There’s a little something coming soon along with the opening of Universal’s Aventura Hotel on August 16th. Our first-ever rooftop bar and grill – Bar 17 Bistro. And I’m here to tell you what all the buzz is about!

Perched up on the 17th floor of this stylish and modern hotel, Bar 17 Bistro will be the place to see and be seen. This bright, open-air venue will be surrounded by glass panels, giving you stunning views of all three Universal Orlando theme parks. Personally you’ll catch me up here during sunset – the most gorgeous time of day to take in the view.

But the real showstopper here will be the delicious food and unique cocktails. Reminiscent of the small plates and craft cocktails found at trendy hotspots in cities across the globe, Bar 17 Bistro will offer all of this at Aventura Hotel’s Prime Value price point.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of my favorites.

Complex Frozen Drinks Aventura Hotel


First up, our complex frozen drinks. These are freshly-made frozen drinks (no pre-made mixes are used) with unique flavor profiles like rum, matcha and lime or bourbon, maple and grapefruit. They’re a modern take on the traditional frozen drink and we know you’re going to love them.


Bao Buns Aventura Hotel


We’ll have an entire section of our menu that features bao buns, with fillings that range from braised pork belly to lamb satay to tempura baby vegetable. My favorites are the braised pork belly and the firecracker shrimp bao buns. Why so many baos, you ask? They’re easy to share and ours will feature lots of textures and colors. They’ll be delicious and they’re pretty to look at too.


Firebird Aventura Hotel


Another favorite on the drink menu is the Firebird. Our Firebird is made with tequila, jalapeno, strawberry and cilantro – a refreshing cocktail with just the right amount of kick. Since Aventura is more of a lifestyle hotel, we wanted to bring refreshing ideas to the food and drink offerings, while still keeping the stylish vibe of the hotel.


Summer Beet & Glazed FIg Salad Aventura Hotel


Speaking of refreshing, our salads will showcase some of the best Florida-grown produce from the region. We wanted to have something light, refreshing and citrus-inspired on the menu. These salads are pretty food that’s easy to eat and best of all – this is a guilt free indulgence!


Pineapple Turmeric Lemonade Aventura Hotel


Not into alcoholic beverages? We got you. This pineapple turmeric lemonade will be a featured mocktail on the menu. The flavors come together for a thirst-quenching and revitalizing beverage that’s perfect for a rooftop bar in Orlando.

Wagyu Beef Sliders Aventura Hotel


My final sneak peek item is the Wagyu beef sliders. This is our take on burgers. They’re gourmet sliders that will be easy to share. You’ll love the locally-made brioche bun and French cheese. With horseradish mayo, gruyere cheese, roasted pepper chutney and watercress, served with a side of pomme frites, these burgers are something special, and just a little bit adventurous.


Almost Sangria Aventura Hotel
Braised Pork Belly Bao Aventura Hotel
Devil's Umbrella Aventura Hotel
Dew Point Hooligan Aventura Hotel
Wagyu Beef Sliders Aventura Hotel
 Don’t forget – Bar 17 Bistro will open daily at 4:00 pm. Be sure to book your roomsoon so you don’t miss out on our limited time offer! If you book a four-night stay or longer, you’ll receive a free $50 hotel dining credit, which can be used at Bar 17 Bistro.

Let me know what you’ll be eating and drinking when you take in these epic views. See you at the top!

Must be 21 years and older with valid identification to purchase or drink alcoholic beverages.

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