Getting Married at Walt Disney World

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Guest Blogger: Leigh Jenkins
March 29, 2016

When I was 16 I attended a fancy dinner at the American Adventure pavilion in Epcot. The entire foyer was decorated in gold and red, and I was blown away by how beautiful it all was. My mother turned to me and said “This would be a great venue for a wedding.”
Little did she know how those words would come back to haunt her.

Walt Disney World was always my top choice for where I wanted to get married. Both of my parents love Disney as well, so when we started to look into wedding venues, they agreed that we could set up an appointment with Disney Fairy Tale weddings. In no time at all, they were hooked, too.

And upon finding out that they could provide my fiance’s favorite beer, he proclaimed that he was happy.


The main thing about a Disney wedding is the amount of planning that you have to do—in one day. Because this is such a popular wedding destination—they even have an onsite chapel by the Grand Floridian—you have to plan your wedding about a year in advance. And one day, about 6-9 months before the big day, you visit with your wedding coordinator and decide everything, from the Save the Date cards to the menu, to cake to decorations. If this sounds tough – it is. I seriously doubt we are the only couple to argue outside that set of restrooms. But there is something very strange about planning every single detail and then suddenly—you’re done! (Oh, and the dinner I mentioned earlier? We brought that up and five minutes later they had looked into the computer and brought up the exact linens, flowers and centerpieces used at that event.)

We had chosen the gazebo at the Yacht and Beach Club for the ceremony, drinks in the Italy pavilion at Epcot, and then, of course, the reception was held in the foyer of the American Adventure. And one of the best things about Florida—even though we were married on Feb. 1st, it was still warm enough to not need a jacket! We also married on a Friday. Not only was it cheaper, but it gave everyone the weekend to celebrate at Disney World!

The day of the ceremony was one of the calmest of my life. If nothing else, I knew Disney would take care of me. The ceremony itself—let’s be honest, no bride can remember the ceremony. But my favorite part happened after the pictures, as we were heading to the Italian Pavilion, the guests at Epcot saw our procession coming and broke out into spontaneous applause for us.

Our dinner was absolutely amazing, very much Disney catering at its best. And in lieu of a cake, which I’ve never liked, we had a white chocolate glass slipper with mousse as desert! We finished off the night with dancing in the rotunda of the foyer and were then sent off to our room at the Grand Floridian.


All in all it was a perfect night, and reminded me that the Disney difference can extend from a family vacation to your dream wedding!

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