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Direct quotes from Agents who are Independent Contractors with Wishes Family Travel as of August 2016 – No edits where performed – Straight as they wrote it!

Hear from our Agents who did Join Our Team!


Lisa Parsons “Wishes Family Travel has made it possible for me to pursue my dream of working from home and doing something I love! I have never worked with such a supportive team that can help answer any question that I have. This team continues to help me grow and gain confidence, ensuring my success as an entrepreneur.”

Erin Hagy Buchanan “Wishes Family Travel has allowed me to fulfill my dream of working from home, while being a full time wife and mother. I also get to work with some of the most supportive team members! If I have any problems or concerns, they are there to help and to cheer me on! I look forward to many years of success with Wishes!”

Jen Spihlman “The years of experience embodied in the Wishes Family Travel team ensures first hand knowledge to truly enhance our clients’ magical Disney vacations!”

Megan Kline “The Wishes Family Travel team is really one big family. A diverse group of professionals who all bring knowledge and expertise in their own unique way. I’m so proud to be apart of this team!”

Anna Foster-Trosper Wishes family Travel- it’s just that family. You are never alone always someone there if you have a question or need help. It’s the support I needed when first starting out and the support I still need. Having this close nit family helps me have the confidence I need to succeed in my job

Becky Criswell Wishes Family Travel allows me to live my dream. I’ve always wanted to be a mom but I also enjoy working and helping others. With this company I can do it all and they make it easy. I never dreamed I could receive so much support as an agent and mother at the same time

Tiffini Mercer Hensley Wishes Family Travel allows me to turn my passion into a career! It also allows me the flexibility to work from home and workaround both my clients’ and my own busy schedules! Add in the unwavering support and advice of my colleagues, and it’s a dream come true

Allison Flynn Prior to working with Wishes Family Travel, I’d always worked in an office with other people. Working from home honestly scared me – what if I had a question during the day that I didn’t have an answer for? What if I needed tech support?  Those ‘what ifs’ turned into ‘no problems.’ With a private Facebook group just for agents, there is never a moment I feel alone – and questions rarely go unanswered more than a few minutes! Wishes also has an IT guru who is available to walk you through any technological frights.  Agents are continually provided with opportunities for training, whether it’s a refresher on communicating with clients or learning about new destinations and offerings from travel suppliers.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the opportunity to work from my home office and yet feel even more like a part of a team than I did in a “real” office

Susie Lusk Swanson I love that Wishes Family Travel allows me the ability towork with wonderful client and colleagues and still gives me flexibility to spend with my family. I love that I work from my home office and do not have to drive into an office each morning. The best part is traveling to anywhere Disney is a “work expense”

Missy Ryan Once I became a Stay At Home Mom, I realized the struggle to help make ends meet was tougher than anticipated.
The thought of going back to work was the last thing I wanted to do.
God works in mysterious ways because he placed WFT in my life when I needed it most. Now I know what it is like to wake up and not only live what I do but love what I do!!
Being a stay at home mom has now reached a whole new level. Wishes has made my dream a reality.
Work from home, be with my kids and love my job!
Or is it really a job???!


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