High Roller Wheel: The Promenade at the LINQ, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Christina Szewczuk

Looking for something fun to do in Vegas? Try the High Roller Wheel! Visible from the Strip, the High Roller Wheel looks like a giant Ferris wheel with large round pods instead of buckets. You can find it at the LINQ Promenade between the LINQ and Flamingo hotels. There are lots of stores and restaurants at the promenade, as well as a zip lining opportunity. This area reminded me of a nicer, smaller scale version of Fremont Street.


You can get tickets at the counter when you arrive or they can be purchased in advance online. There are a few options. First, you can go during the day or during the evening. It is a few dollars cheaper to go during the day. The night time fees begin at 5:30 pm. If you are going in the fall, you could go at sunset and still pay the daytime fee. When we were there in November, the sun was setting around 3:45 pm. We opted for daytime assuming this would give us a better view of the landscape. The next decision to make is whether or not to get a spot in one of the Beverage Cars. This is an option where you can ride in a car where with a drink beverage cart. This option costs about $12 dollars more. If you would drink more than two drinks in a half hour, this option is a good value. We opted to purchase a drink at the bar beforehand and bring it with us. My wine was about $8 plus tip. It came in a plastic cup with the High Roller logo on it, but it was perfect for me and lasted the half hour. I was glad we skipped the beverage cart; however, I had a client do the beverage cart option and he felt that he had gotten his money’s worth. You just have to see what option is best for you.


To board the High Roller Wheel, you go up an escalator, or elevator, after purchasing your tickets. You will pass through a bar area where you have a chance to get a drink before boarding. As mentioned earlier, I got a glass of wine and my husband got a beer. There are tables too if you prefer to sit and have a drink prior to boarding. When you’re ready to board, you present your tickets at the archway and follow the corridor to the loading platform. Once your car comes around, the doors swing open and you enter. It should be noted that this is not a solo experience, you do not get a private car. The pods can hold up to forty people so they try to get more than two guests in a car. Including my husband and I, our car had eight people in it.

The cars are spacious and have two smaller bench-type areas to put down your bags or sit. However, I don’t think I’d want to be in a car with forty people. Being that there were only eight of us in a car, there was plenty of room to walk around, to sit or to stand. There are a few tv’s in each car that explain what you are seeing and the history of Las Vegas while giving you a live count of how many feet you’ve currently climbed. There are large panels of windows you can look out of and take in the magnificent view. You can see all the way up and down the Las Vegas strip! The higher you climb the more you can see. To one side you can see all of the hotels, casinos, and enjoy the cityscape with the mountains off in the distance. I am a city person so I loved this view! From the other side, you can see sweeping views of the beautiful mountain ranges. You are free to roam around inside the car and take in the views from different angles and vantage points. It really was a cool sight to see 360° views of Las Vegas from that high in the air.


A full revolution of the wheel takes about 30 minutes. It moves very slowly so you can barely feel any movement. It was plenty of time to see everything. I feel like if it were any longer it would feel too long and like they were dragging it out. If you are looking for something fun to do, that doesn’t take up too much time and isn’t terribly pricey, I would recommend this. The views are spectacular!

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