How to Stay Organized When Traveling

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By: Anna Trosper
May 3, 2018

When traveling it is hard enough being in a strange environment and the last thing you need is to be searching for your charger or looking for your reservation information. Thankfully with a little organization you can keep any trip from developing into utter chaos and stress! I have a few tips that I have found to be useful when I travel.

1. Have a printed Itinerary. Yes, I know it is old school but I still like things on paper. I want all of my reservation numbers and times in one place. If you are one that likes things on your lap top or phone that would work also. I have mine on paper and then take a photo of it and keep that on my phone for back up.

2. Use packing lists before and during your trip. I always make a packing list before I even pull my suitcase out of the attic. This helps me make sure I do not forget anything I will need on my trip. But what about when you’re on the road? It is a good idea to print a duplicate copy and pack it in your suitcase. When you’re repacking at the end of a long vacation, you can check items off as you place them back neatly in your luggage. Never leave that phone charger in the room again!

3. Unpack immediately. This is the first thing I do when we reach our resort. Living out of a suitcase can lead to a very disorganized vacation. When you arrive at your destination always unpack immediately, even if your trip is a short one. Fold clothing and place it into dresser drawers, hang up any garments that may wrinkle, arrange your shoes in the closet, and unpack your toiletries in the bathroom rather than leaving them in their quart-sized plastic baggie. You’ll feel more relaxed and at ease, and you won’t be pulling clothing out of a rumpled pile on the floor.

4. Use packing aids. Packing cubes and compression bags don’t just save space, they also lend your suitcase a military-grade level of organization. Do some research before purchasing any packing aids since some are bulky, overpriced, or both. In a pinch, grocery bags or gallon-sized zip-top plastic bags work, too.


5. Go digital. I’ve found myself using (and losing) fewer printed boarding passes. When checking in for your flight or train reservation, select the option to download your boarding pass to your smartphone. Then at the airport, the gate attendant will simply scan the bar code that appears on your smartphone screen.

6. Organize your technology. This is a big one for me! Do you carry a lot of technology with you on your travels? Then you know how easily cords get tangled and gadgets get lost. Use an organization system that includes rubberized elastic bands to hold your chargers, headphones, backup storage, and other accessories in place. These flat, lightweight cases fit easily into carry-on bags and prove invaluable on the road. Never again will you spend the first day of your vacation untangling headphone cords and searching for your lost power cord.


I hope a few of these tips help you on your next adventure. I give my clients tips and tricks like these all the time and would be happy to help you plan a very organized trip. If you would like to talk about your next adventure send me an email at: . You can also follow me on my Facebook page to keep up with travel news and tips I post.

I look forward in helping you plan that next adventure soon!

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