It is Me: Advocating for the Mentally Ill

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By Shellie Wylie

Published June 9, 2018


This week we saw two high profile individuals commit suicide.  This week the CDC also released shocking numbers regarding the increase of American suicide rates over the past two decades.   This week is when I decided It Is Me who can do something about it.


#ItIsMe who has been and continues to be affected by mental health issues.


#ItIsMe who has witnessed first hand the miss-handling of the mentally ill by law enforcement


#ItIsMe who taught my children that cruelty was NEVER ACCEPTABLE


#ItIsMe who had a child brutally bullied and told to kill herself by her peers


#ItIsMe who can make a difference just be being kind to others       13F5CBF1-4123-42AC-BEAD-C79B3345898C


#ItIsMe who knows how difficult it is to obtain quality expert mental health assistance in SC


#ItIsMe who suffers watching my child struggle with anxiety and self harm


#ItIsMe who witnessed my child who is mentally ill damaged by the way adults treat her


#ItIsMe who can be compassionate to those who are suffering mental health issues


#ItIsMe who can make a difference by advocating for the mentally ill


My list can go on and on.  The question is, Is it you too?  And what will we do about this crisis?

Please consider joining me in honest and open conversations about the treatment of, causes of, and response to the mentally ill.  PLEASE, before more people die. Join #ItIsMe and do something today; post, tweet, take action!  Do NOT turn away!  Because it is us who can make the difference.

As a small business owner, this was my largest platform to publish this blog.  I was going to apologize for high-jacking my own site, but I don’t think that’s necessary.

Here are some resources for you to use and promote.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Crisis Text Line

Mental Health Foundation

Please use the hashtag #ItIsMe when advocating for this cause.  Thank you for reading this.  If you are in trouble, considering harming yourself, please reach out to someone right now.

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