It’s More Than Just Dolphins!

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By: April Sanders

What do you think of when you hear “Sea World”? After our visit last year, many things come to mind. Especially, their heart towards rescuing, rehabilitating and returning animals back into their natural habitat. For over 50 years, Sea World has rescued more than 31,000 animals, including sea lions, dolphins, reptiles, birds, manatees and many more. Their rescue teams are always on call 24/7. You can read stories on the Sea World website, including the one about the baby manatees that were just rescued and needed to be fed through the night. Someone has to do those 2:30 am feedings! That’s just one sliver of care that is given to rehabilitate these animals. If you’re home on a Saturday morning you can catch their two shows, Sea Rescue and Wildlife Docs on ABC, that feature Sea World’s love behind what they do.


So, let’s talk about what Sea World Orlando has to offer! They offer a package for the whole family. You’ll find rides, shows, animal encounters and much more. My favorite ride so far has been Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. You’ll see Antarctica through the eyes of Puck a little penguin. You can choose between a “mild” or “wild” simulation experience. It’s very family friendly and as you exit you’ll see five species of penguins. We loved seeing these beautiful creatures. If you’re cold natured, bring a jacket, because it has to be kept very cold to maintain those Antarctica temperatures.


Are you a thrill-rider? Well there are four coasters to experience: Mako, Manta, Journey to Atlantis and Kraken Unleashed. We will be there this summer and they are all on our bucket list! Have little ones? Not to worry, they have Shamus Happy Harbor, a play area with 10 experiences to choose from. Besides these great rides and attractions, they have show’s that will stir your heart when seeing the beauty of these magnificent creatures. When you go don’t miss out on the “One Ocean” killer whale show. It’s about a 20-minute show set to music. It’s absolutely amazing! Make sure to check the Sea World App on your smartphone for all the shows and times.


Now for my favorite part, animal encounters. You’ll see a sting ray lagoon, manta rays, and sharks through a viewing tunnel, plus much more! Some of the rides and attractions will come with those experiences, but they also offer up-close tour encounters (for an additional charge). Have you ever wanted to get close up to a beluga whale? Well here’s your chance! We are actually doing this and our kids can’t wait! Other options are sea lions, dolphins, walruses, sharks and more.


As you can see, there’s so much to do and learn. When your day comes to an end, you’ll have a renewed perception of the heart of Sea World and an educated day full of fun to remember for years to come. Experiences await your arrival!

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