Lunch in Diagon Alley

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Audrey Willis

During our agency meeting in October, I had the pleasure of joining two other agents with Wishes Family Travel for lunch at The Leaky Cauldron in Universal Studios. The restaurant is on your left as soon as you venture into Diagon Alley, and serves a menu that could be straight out of a Harry Potter book.


We were on the quick service dining plan, which entitles you to 1 quick service meal (includes entrée and beverage), 1 snack and 1 beverage for the day. I ordered the fish and chips with a pumpkin juice and my friends ordered the specialty chicken sandwich and the mini pie combination, both with bottled Gilly Water.

After ordering, we were given a number and walked into the dining area to find a table. The centerpiece of the dining room is the large, cracked cauldron that the restaurant’s name is derived from. I enjoyed my fish and chips and the pumpkin juice is one of my favorite drinks in the park. You can buy bottled pumpkin juice throughout the parks, but at The Leaky Cauldron it is served on tap along with other popular drinks, such as butter beer. If you have never tried pumpkin juice it is like drinking pumpkin pie, but looks like apple juice. If you are not a fan of pumpkin, you might want to skip this drink.


The specialty chicken sandwich is a grilled chicken breast with apple butter mayo, Colby cheese, apple bacon and tomatoes on a bun, served with French fries. The mini pie combination plate consisted of a mini cottage pie and a mini fisherman’s pie served with a garden salad.

Everyone enjoyed the lunch, both the food and the atmosphere and I will definitely be returning on a future trip.

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