Packing Cubes: The Must Have Organizational Tool

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Christina Szewczuk

I had been hearing so much about packing cubes. They are in every travel blog about organization and space saving and I began thinking “What is the big deal with these things, do they really make that much of a difference?” My curiosity got to me and I began searching for a little “starter set.” I figured I’d get a cheap set and find out what all the hoopla was about. I ordered a $12 set of 6 blue ones from Amazon that came with three zippered pouches and three small rectangular shaped ones of varied sizes.


I was going on a beach vacation for just over a week. I needed to pack 4 bathing suits (I wear tankinis), 2 cover-ups, few pairs of shorts, 1 skort, tank tops, 2 short sleeve shirts, long sleeved shirt, my favorite jeggings, 2 pair of capris, undergarments, 2 sweatshirts, pjs (top, sweatpant bottoms and a knit cardigan) plus my extra shoes (sandals and extra flip flops). Everything fit in my fairly small bag with room to spare thanks to my cubes! All week long my clothes were organized and wrinkle free. Here’s how I did it…


I usually separate my clothes into groups. For example, undergarments in one spot and bathing suits together in another spot, etc. However, even though those clothes are grouped together, when you put them into your suitcase or travel bag, you still have to dig around and find them when needed. Not if you organize with packing cubes! I have one cube for each grouping. So I placed undergarments in the smallest cube, and I folded one of the pouches in half and kept it empty to place used garments into. The medium sized cube contained my 4 tankinis and 2 cover ups. The largest one had the tops, shorts, and skort in it. I used the largest pouch to put my jeggings and two pair of capris into. I folded and then rolled up each article of clothing so as to save space. While all of my clothes fit into the cubes, my sweatshirts, although lightweight, were too large to put inside them. Even rolled up they were not fitting. But, I was able to stick them along the sides of the bag for easy retrieval.


The whole week, every time I was able to quickly grab something out of its respective cube and place it back into the bag without upsetting the apple cart, I was praising these things. I was able to grab fresh clothes for the shower quickly and easily without wondering where things were or having to unpack the entire bag to find one article of clothing. Since I didn’t have to empty my bag every time I needed something, my clothes stayed mostly wrinkle free and my things were not strewn all over the hotel room. It was also easy to pack to go home- I hadn’t even really unpacked! The moral of the story is: Get yourself a set of packing cubes. It’s a total game changer!



Did you get yourself some packing cubes or do you use them currently? I’d love to hear your story about how you discovered these. If you would like to chat about travel and get a quote for your next fabulous getaway, email me at For more tips, info and fun, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!


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