Pet Friendly Accommodations at Universal Orlando

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October 15, 2020

By: Maggie Ballantyne

Yes, I am one of those crazy dog moms. I have completely embraced this part of myself. When I heard that there are Universal Resort pet-friendly accommodations, I knew I needed to see if it was true and learn more. So to start off, yes it is true!

This program is actually set up through the Loews resorts and it is called the Loews Loves Pet Program. The participating resorts include Loews Royal Pacific Hotel, the Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Portofino Bay, and Loews Sapphire Falls Resort.

During my last visit to Universal Orlando, I noticed right away at the luggage desk that there was a jar of Milkbone treats for the four-legged guests. After checking out my beautiful and spacious room, I started perusing the In-Room Dining Menu. The last page was dedicated specifically to room service for pets! Each dish was developed under the supervision of a veterinarian and is easy to digest to help pets recovering from jetlag and traveling. Some of the entrees include Bow Wow Beef and Grrrreat Vegetable Feast. There are also beverage options for both cats and dogs and a few items available for cats at the Kitty Kafe.

On my tour of Loews Royal Pacific Hotel, I noticed two beautiful black labs walking on a leash with their owners through the lobby. They were headed towards the concierge desk where I noticed that they too had a jar of Milkbone treats for dogs.

So depending on the resort you choose to stay at, you could be receiving early park admission one hour before the public or an Express Pass. But what is in it for your pets? Your pet will receive specialized bedding, leashes, collars, water bowls with accompanying placemats, and litter boxes (if needed). They can have those special treats ordered for them if they have been good. There are also pet walking and pet-sitting services. If you want to walk your pet, that is fine! Dog-walking route maps are provided. Want to get some of your dog’s energy out? No problem! Tennis balls are also available upon request. Do not worry about distance between you and your pet. These resorts are a short 5-minute boat ride away from the parks. You will never be too far away from your fur baby.

When traveling with your pet to Universal, be prepared to post a fee of $50 per night ($150 max) for your pet at check-in. At check-in you must also provide the hotel with a health certificate from your vet obtained within 10 days of check-in and your cell phone number in case of emergencies. If you plan to go enjoy the pools and parks, which I hope you do, your pet must be secured in a carrier and crate and the pet door hanger should be hung on the door before you leave to notify hotel staff.

If your pet does not like staying in the carrier all day, or you would prefer they do not, there is also a kennel at CityWalk. You can choose between an indoor or outdoor crate, must provide your own food, and you can return to your pet periodically throughout the day to walk him or her. Proof of vaccinations is required and to utilize this facility is only $15/day. Reservations are not accepted and spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I would trust the Universal Orlando accommodations for my pets. If you would like more recommendations on Universal Resorts or special accommodations, contact me at or follow my Facebook page at

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