Princess for a Day at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

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Missy Ryan
March 8, 2016

​Whimsical … magical … a little girls dream come true. This is what comes to mind when someone asks me to describe The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique located in the castle at Magic Kingdom and also at Disney Springs.Bbb1

​For years I dreamed of being able to be a part of this fairytale experience. After 3 boys, it was only natural that when I had my daughter, one of my first thoughts was to plan a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort when she could attend the boutique.

I have read several articles, blogs and reviews about Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I can honestly say there is nothing that explains this experience to the fullest until you experience it first hand.

Each boutique offers young princesses (ages 3-12) a chance to look and feel like royalty. Young girls are offered a few packages to choose from.

  • The Coach Package
  • The Crown Package
  • The Courtyard Package
  • The Castle Package

If you choose the Castle package you have the option of getting a gown to wear and own after the child’s make over.

Dresses are offered from various princesses such as Ariel, Ana, Elsa, Jasmine, Aurora, and Belle.

Upon choosing a package, you are escorted in the boutique and led to the dressing rooms. Each Fairy Godmother-in-training is busy working hard and creating Jr. Royalty. If you chose the castle package your gown is placed behind a curtain waiting in the dressing room. With a wave of a magic wand and the words “bibbidi bobbidi boo,” the curtain is drawn and dresses along with a wand and crown is revealed. As your little princess gathers her items she is assigned a special Fairy Godmother-in-training. From there both she is whisked away to start her adventure as she sits upon what can be viewed as a magical throne.

The adventure continues with hair, make up, nails and a little bit of pixie dust. As sweet music is played in the background, the atmosphere is calm, happy and pleasant.

Bbb2Girls are pampered as their hair is molded in a picture perfect bun complete with a rhinestone Mickey hair clip.

The reveal is made at the end of the makeover when the chair is spun around so she can admire her new look.

This experience was a beautiful and memorable activity. I highly suggest taking advantage of this lovely opportunity if it is possible during your vacation/in your budget.

It is a memory I will treasure and value for the rest of my days. My daughter still smiles when we discuss this magical day.

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