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What you need to know: Wishes Family Travel is a personal travel agency. We encourage one-on-one contact with our guests. We utilize the internet for marketing and travel suppliers. We do not solely rely on it for guest communications. Our goal is to listen to you so we can help make those vacation dreams come true!

  • It is best to speak with an agent
  • First contact can be made via email
  • Wishes DOES NOT accept cash
  • Wishes services are FREE to you 
Happy Children!

Happy Children!

What Wishes needs to know: We need to have as much specific information from you as possible. You can contact us with a general idea of what you are looking for and let us work with you to make those dreams come true, but remember that will take some time and lots of conversations. We plan your trip like it was for us, so please be prepared to make a new friend!

  • Full Names & Date of Birth for all travelers
  • Mailing Address, Telephone Number, Email
  • Travel Dates
  • Type of Vacation
  • Previous Travel Experience
  • Budget: We know to automatically look for the BEST value for your vacation dollar.

You may call, fax, email, or use our online Quote Request form. Whatever method you are most comfortable with! Voice Line 864-649-1016

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