Scarlet’s PJ Party Under the Stars

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Christina Szewczuk

On Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady, there are several fabulous parties to attend. My favorite was the PJ party. On the first night of the cruise, the Sailing Away Party set things off on a good note. (Seriously, the music was perfect!) But after dinner, the PJ Party was where things got crazy! …not a weird, uncomfortable crazy, but a fun crazy.  

Virgin’s whole “come as you are, anything goes” philosophy was evident as people filed on to the upper deck of the boat. People wore everything from regular clothes, to PJ’s, to onesies, to matching sets and silk robes. I opted for a fun animal print robe over a tank top and comfy shorts. I’m walking around in a tiger print robe with “Wild Nights” written across the back in sequins and no one bats an eye. Awesome.  

The party takes place on Deck 16 in the aft by the Athletic Bar and the Net. The Net is a really cool feature you should definitely check out at some point in your cruise. It is an amazing catamaran style net that you can lay on and watch the wake of the boat or look up into the stars! (Don’t fear falling through! It’s a triple net, so there is a backup for the backup.) I loved all the music at the party. Some of the new hits were played, as well as some old school hits reminding you of the parties of your younger years, providing an all-around good feeling. Meanwhile, people are lounging around at one of the ample places to chill, enjoying the vibe, while others are dancing.   

The bar is open, so drinks are plentiful, and the Happenings Crew is, of course, in attendance. They make sure everyone is having fun and they really keep the positive energy flowing. They dance with everyone, mingle and you may even experience a “dance-off” or two! The story that correlates to the theme of the party is that we are all at a PJ party and we “accidentally” woke up the Hostess who comes out to see what all the raucous is about. She sings a song, entertaining her guests and then sticks around to mingle a little before retiring back to her cabin for the evening.  

At the end of the party, the Happenings crew makes sure we all know about the after party occurring at the Manor. There is also a DJ there with a fantastic atmosphere that reminds me of some of the city clubs I once enjoyed on a regular basis. It’s a nice way of continuing the evening. Although, the choice is definitely yours! You can stay there on the deck if you want some peace and quiet or if you would like to lie there and stargaze. No one will tell you to leave. Mi boat es su boat.  

I highly recommend catching this party. It was the highlight of my cruise evenings for sure. Have fun with it and get in the spirit with some funny PJs or just wear whatever. It’s totally up to you. Either way, don’t miss it! 

I was hosted by Virgin Voyages on this trip. However, all of the opinions expressed in this blog are my own thoughts based on my experience. 

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