SeaWorld and the Penguin Encounter

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By: Susan Irby
January 25, 2018

si-shamuSeaWorld in San Antonio is a wonderful place for families to visit. When you first go into the park it’s hard to know which way to go. If you go right then you head into the park which has all the live shows and the amazing rides. if a person goes left they head into Discovery Point where they can see dolphins and sharks. If they go straight they go into Aquatica which is SeaWorld’s water park.

SeaWorld offers several different types of attractions that are suitable for the whole family or individuals that they can enjoy throughout the day. A family or individual can also enjoy exciting rides, especially the newest ride of SeaWorld which is called Wave Breaker a high thrill roller coaster and your mission is to help save an animal. The other thrilling roller coasters are the Steel Eel that drops you fifteen stories and have periods of weightlessness, the Great White is a floorless roller coaster that flips the car upside down and corkscrews while swinging along the track. Then there is a family ride that is part coaster and part water ride this is Journey to Atlantis. Another great family water ride is Rio Loco, if you want to get wet this is the ride to get on. The shows at SeaWorld are wonderful and very educational. There is the Shamu show, One World that teaches about the killer whales that SeaWorld has, what is learned from them that helps the biologists and veterinarians to help the killer whales in the wild. There are many educational shows just like the Shamu show. There is also amazing food at SeaWorld, if there are dietary restrictions SeaWorld is able to accommodate most restrictions. Just speak with a supervisor and they will make sure that any needs will be taken care of.

The people that work at SeaWorld and Aquatica are very nice and helpful. When the park opened one day there were some people that were confused on where to go and one of the employees could not get the guests to understand where to go so the employee took them to the show that they wanted to go to which was the Beluga Whale show.

The last time my family had been to SeaWorld in San Antonio was 14 years ago, so we decided to go for Spring Break. We were all excited to see the wonderful animals and experience the park’s attractions.

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SeaWorld wants to make sure that their guests are well educated so they offer many add-on experiences like the dolphin swim, the beluga whale swim, sea lion swim, the penguin encounter and the dolphin encounter. We chose to boost our experience with the Penguin encounter. The current cost of this experience is $85 each for 7 years on up.

There we saw the penguins and found out that SeaWorld in San Antonio has a penguin encounter where you can go into the penguin’s habitat. It was amazing, being able to interact one on one with the penguins. The encounter takes about an hour, where you watch a 15-minute film about the penguins, and then you suit up. Each person puts on rubber boots, pants, and a warm coat to go into the habitat.

We saw rock hopper, chinstrap, and king penguins. What did you learn from the care takers?
We also had the opportunity to interact with a baby king penguin named Robin and she is only six months old. She followed us around, but we got to pet her. The people that work with the penguins did not want us to feed the penguins because their food was on the ground in small troughs and when they were hungry they were able to eat. We were able to pet the birds, and were told to sit down, they put a rock hopper on our lap, that was the only way that we were able to hold the penguin.


If you pick up a penguin not knowing what you are doing you might crush their lungs. It was such a memorable experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

SeaWorld is a great place to take your family, there are so many things to see and do at each and every park.

If you would like more information about SeaWorld vacations contact me through my e-mail or my Facebook page.

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