Susie Swanson, Concierge Agent

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Swanson-SSusie is a trained, traveled, and trusted concierge agent with Wishes Family Travel.  She gave up her career in healthcare after 13 years of working when she had her third and final baby.  Susie has always LOVED to travel and vacation especially to anywhere Disney!  She is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and continues to learn more each day as Disney changes and evolves.  Susie LOVES to travel with her three children and husband of 13 years.  Susie’s traveling experiences to Disney can help other families make their Disney dreams come true.  Susie’s experience, knowledge, and tips and tricks will make a family’s vacation magical and stress free!  Susie’s organizational skills in planning these dream vacations for both small and large families will ensure that everyone has a blast on their vacation.

Susie is excited to work with you on making your next Disney destination a memorable vacation for your family.  She wants to plan the vacation that fits the needs and wants of your family.  You can visit Susie’s Facebook page where she is always posting new promotions, videos, and tips and tricks for your next travel experience.  You can also send her an email her at or call her at 248-798-5117.

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