Take Me Out to The Ballgame at Disney

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By: Becky Mullinax
March 29, 2018

D0D03C80-7C76-4857-B82F-12D2EA52894DHow exciting to be able to see your favorite MLB team while on vacation at Walt Disney World. My husband and I recently experienced this fun event at Disney.

We decided to book our spring vacation to Disney around my husband’s favorite baseball team, the Atlanta Braves. We looked over the spring training schedule and found the perfect time to go with the Braves playing the Detroit Tigers.

AF1825E8-E89D-44EE-9E27-ADC56FBBA198The Atlanta Braves have been holding their spring training at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex for 20 years. The Champion Stadium is a wonderful venue for watching your favorite team play. This a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of visiting the parks.

We could catch a bus from our resort to the complex, and since we had pre-purchased our tickets from the Braves website we had time to look around in the shops. I recommend pre-purchasing tickets because the games and seats choices sell out quickly. Our seats were located on the first base in a higher section so my husband could have a chance on catching a foul ball.

9C51CD3D-4F8A-4C1A-B05C-9956BC73F63DOne of the unique events they offer is meeting the Braves before the game and getting autographs. This event is held at certain times for each game so you would need to check the Braves website for more information.

The excitement grew as time for the game came closer. We loved seeing Pluto and Goofy on the field for the pre-game festivities and then we heard play ball! I think I was more excited than my husband for those words, and he has loved the Braves for over 40 years. I love to be a part of the atmosphere and hear the roar of the crowds and the organ playing all the tunes you associate with a ballgame.

CE287D56-8448-412C-AEFB-5D6067D68584The stadium is on a smaller scale than the team’s home stadium but it’s just perfect. The feeling of being at a major league ballgame but on a smaller scale was perfect for us. The music, smells of popcorn, peanuts, soft drinks, and hotdogs put us in a home field feeling for our team. We watched as the players came up to bat and were so close to them that we could see their crisp outfits and names perfectly. My husband bought a program and loved checking off the players as they batted.

After the game, we took pictures with the Disney character statues outside the stadium. We had to wait longer for our bus back to the resort, so this gave us time to make new friends.

From the first crack of the bat until the last inning we thoroughly enjoyed the sights, smells, and the game itself. This is a recommendation that I give to my clients if they are traveling during the spring break schedule.

If you would like more information please email me becky@wishesfamilytravel.com.

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