Tips on maximizing your time at Universal Studios

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By: Missy Ryan
April 12, 2018


Universal Studios combines a Hollywood movie experience with a quality theme park attractions and shows. Although, the ideal visit would include staying on site so you may get the ultimate experience, several guests opt for one day passes. Whether you are staying on property at Walt Disney World or just in the area for a day, getting a little taste of universal is what it is on the menu. With such limited time, you want to be sure you are getting all the experiences worth doing. This is where a Trained, Traveled and Trusted Concierge steps in with guided and helpful advice.


  1. Buy your tickets in advance. The price is never guaranteed, so it is always best to get a quote and have the tickets purchased before arrival. Make sure you are getting a 1 day park to park ticket so you can ride the Hogwarts Express and take in both parks.
  2. Best time to travel to Universal? It is not always feasible, with works schedules, school and everyday life to schedule around park and vacation days. That is why planning ahead is always a great idea. There are always better days and times of the year to visit the park. However, Fall, Winter and Spring are lower peak times. Try and avoid days on or around holidays and keep the visit to a weekday.
  3. Express! This may seem like an added cost you do not want to do or can fit into your budget. However, let me tell you, how worthwhile the express pass can be to you and your family, especially for a one day park pass. What is an express pass you ask? Only the best add on you can get! Be able to skip the long lines on several selected rides. This is such a fantastic time saver that would be a shame not to add it to your tickets for the day.
  4. Arrive early. Are you familiar with the phrase, “The early bird gets the worm.”? Well early guests get the rides. Morning is key.
  5. Hit the Harry Potter rides and the Hogwarts Express first. Since Harry Potter is extremely popular and not part of the “skip the lines”/express pass, it is always best to try and get on these rides first. These particular rides will typically have the longest waits as the day progresses. Doing them first will give you so much more freedom and free time throughout the rest of your day.
  6. Bring your own water to the park. Universal does not allow outside food but you may bring water bottles and fruit to the park.
  7. Add the dining plan. Adding even the smallest plan can save you money. The Quick Service plan gives you 1 counter service entrée and a drink. Later in the day you may then redeem another drink and snack. The portions are very healthy and worth the additional $20 per adult and $14.95 per child. Eat lunch at off peak hours to avoid the crowds and long lunch lines.
  8. Do not forget to check your cell phones and backpacks at the free lockers provided near many of the rides. Universal will allow about the current wait time for the rides located closest to the lockers as free locker time for your personal belongings while you ride the rides. If you try to enter a ride with your backpack or cell phones, they will not allow you access to that ride. So do take advantage of this feature.
  9. Check out show times and parade times. The park has several throughout the day and it is a good idea to plan ahead so you can get there in time for good seating.
  10. Take advantage of the child switch feature. I love this little perk and think anyone with children should take advantage of it as well. If any of your children cannot ride a ride, an adult can wait outside with that child and when the rest of the party returns, you can switch and ride the ride without waiting in line.

A41BAA12-18FB-49B5-B1BB-C2FC60D7D67AI hope these tips have helped you to better plan your day at Universal Studios. If you are interested in learning more and want to purchase tickets or a package at an onsite resort, please contact me at You can also follow me on Facebook.

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