Travel Insurance: yes or no?

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Anna Trosper

Travel Insurance, do you buy it when you travel? I always get it for our trips, I feel it is a good investment on a costly vacation. We have saved up for our trip and let’s face it, vacations are not cheap. I can’t afford not to get insurance.

Travel insurance is designed to cover financial losses if you must cancel or interrupt a trip. Some policies cover the loss or delay of baggage. They also may cover any emergency medical or dental care you need while you’re traveling.

I was very thankful we had travel insurance one year when I dislocated my shoulder on a dive trip in the Cayman Islands. The policy covered me on the island, as well as when I got back home and had to have surgery. I bought travel insurance that fit my trip. I knew we would be diving a lot, so I made sure that was covered also.

 You need to find the right policy for you and your trip. All insurances are not the same. I am not a travel insurance broker and I do not sell travel insurance. I do highly recommend to my clients that they purchase travel insurance for the trip.

Plans very on coverage, from lost luggage and flight delays to plans that will pay up to $750,000 for a medical evacuation. The more they cover the more they cost. A plan that lets you cancel for any reason will cost more then one that covers lost bags.

Cheaper is not always better

In fact, buying the least expensive policy is one of the biggest mistakes travelers make. In many cases, neither the cheapest nor most expensive is the best option. So, what’s the best policy? It’s one that takes into account your trip activities and your health conditions. 

You need to read the policy and see which one fits your needs.


Some credit cards or health insurance plans may already cover you while you’re traveling. For example, certain American Express cards come with automatic basic travel insurance, which may cover flight cancellations, rental car damage, lost baggage or flight delays. Some health plans will cover international care at an out-of-network rate, but if you have a pre-existing condition, you may have to purchase a waiver to make sure you are covered overseas.


Before you buy, make sure the travel insurance you’re considering covers everything you think it should. Insurance paperwork can be a long, dull read, but it’s worth the effort. If you’re unsure, call the company.

As a personal travel planner this is one thing, I help my clients with when booking their vacations. Let’s face it you’re on vacation to have fun and relax. This gives you a little peace of mind to be able to do just that. I would love to help you with your next adventure, you can reach me at: and on Facebook.

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