Using Amazon Prime Now For Groceries on Your Disney Trip

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By: Amy Baranek
January 9, 2018

I always like to carry water bottles with us at the parks in Florida, and I like to have a fresh one every day. The problem is, when you have no transportation to get you to a store, how do you get your case of water without spending an arm and a leg? Amazon Prime Now seemed like a great way to do that.

So here’s what you need to know:

  • You need to have an Amazon Prime membership.
  • There is a separate Amazon Prime Now app to use for this service.
  • If you do not have a Prime membership, you can sign up for Prime for a 30-day free trial, for $10.99 a month or for $99 a year.

Simple right? Once you have the membership part straightened out, you can browse the app. You can put Orlando as your location, and they WILL deliver to Disney hotels. I went on the night before our arrival at our resort. Because there is a $20 minimum, I ordered our case of water and then a few other things for us in the room. (Remember, the Disney rooms have a fridge, so if there is any fresh fruit or anything similar you would like to order, this is a great opportunity.) I ended up saving my cart and when we were on Magical Express to our hotel, I placed the order with a note to please keep refrigerated goods separate and to leave the order at Bell Services. When you check out, it asks you what window of time you would like it delivered…they are grouped in 2 hour increments for the same day. You can pick as early as 2 hours from your order time and there is NO DELIVERY fee! We picked a time towards the end of the day as we were heading to the park. When we returned to our hotel after being in the park that day, we picked the order up at Bell Services who had refrigerated the bag for us. (Amazon had the cold goods in a thermal wrap with an ice pack as well.)


This was honestly a magical find for us. Amazon recommends a $5 tip that you can add at checkout online. I would also recommend searching for an Amazon Prime Now coupon code, as I was able to find a $10 off coupon on Retailmenot – in all my order ended up costing a little over $16 for 7 items!

I would say the only big downfall is that if you are very brand specific, there aren’t as many options on there as if you use a grocery delivery service. But, if you are using it like I was – it was an amazing savings! Also keep in mind that this service will deliver toothbrushes, and medication such as Advil, Dramamine, or Pepcid that you may have forgotten at home and other things that you can think of. I know I sound like a walking commercial for Amazon, but everything worked out so well and for the fraction of a cost I would have paid otherwise. If you are looking to have some items delivered during your stay, I would strongly encourage you to consider this option!

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