Via Napoli, or as my kids refer to it, “That awesome pizza place in Epcot!”

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Christina Szewczuk 

If you ask my kids what their favorite restaurant in Walt Disney World is, they’ll respond, “Oh, that awesome pizza place in Epcot.” What they mean is Via Napoli! Via Napoli is located in the World Showcase tucked in the back of the Italy Pavilion. When you check in with the friendly host/hostess, you will instantly notice the three extravagant pizza ovens in the back! Stromboli, Vesuvius and Etna, named after the three active volcanoes in Italy; each one is intricately designed to resemble the face of the volcano god and the mythology surrounding that volcano. It is well decorated and definitely gives you the feel of an authentic Italian restaurant.


It is worth mentioning that it is a little louder in this restaurant than some of the other restaurants in Walt Disney World. However, I honestly didn’t even notice this until I was discussing it with others that have been there as well. I believe the high ceilings and openness of the layout contribute to the volume of the restaurant. In no way do I feel this takes away from the ambiance. We were all able to have a normal conversation without raising our voices. (At least I don’t think I was raising my voice… On a personal note, I am originally from New Jersey and of Italian decent. I have been told on occasion that I may or may not be a “tad” loud from time to time. I guess I fit right in!)

It has been 10 months since we ate there, but my kids are still talking about this restaurant! When we checked in, the hostess informed us that we had about a 10-minute wait. We were seated at a small table against a half wall as we checked out the menu. Our waiter was pleasant and attentive as he took our order.

As an appetizer, we got the fried calamari. It was a nice portion size, shareable between the three of us that like calamari. Served with a marinara for dipping, it tasted very fresh, was properly breaded with seasoned breadcrumbs and fried just right to a nice golden brown. We all enjoyed it very much.


We also shared a large Margherita pizza. It was so delish! Topped with fresh Mozzarella cheese and cut up basil strips over a base of marinara set atop a thin (but not too thin) layer of dough, and then baked to perfection. The cheese was real, fresh mozzarella, not your typical pizzeria cheese blend. I really liked how the basil was shredded and not giant leaves of basil. It helped to spread out the essence so it was a more subtle flavor rather than a mouthful of basil.

Via Napoli is Disney Dining Plan eligible! This is an especially fabulous detail because the Disney Dining Plan includes a beer, wine or specialty drink for those 21 and older. There is a little thing called the Tiramisu Martini… not only is it pretty, it is delicious!!! It is heavy on the coffee taste, but still quite sweet. I’m not a big coffee person, but I really liked it. This fabulous Martini comes adorned with a little chocolate embellishment and chocolate drizzled in the bottom of the glass.


My son chose a fancy (non-alcoholic) drink called a Blood Orange Acqua Frecsa that he wasn’t very fond of. I think he thought it was going to be more like regular orange juice, but alas it was not. It is juice mixed with water and sugar, so it is very sweet but also a little tart from the blood orange juice. I was so busy taking it all in that I didn’t think to mention to him that Orange vs Blood Orange are two different tastes. My husband tried it and thought it was rather tasty. It was definitely pretty, served in a large glass topped with a big orange slice floating on top.


Overall, the food and drink was pretty great. There will definitely be a return trip to Via Napoli in our future! This is now our favorite restaurant in Walt Disney World as we all equally enjoyed the food and the ambiance. How about you? Do you think you’d like to visit this restaurant?

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