Walt Disney World – Changes are Coming!

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Anna Trosper

December 10, 2015

This year at the D23 Expo, held Aug. 14-16 in Anaheim, Calif., Disney lovers were treated to exhibits, meet and greets and exclusive glimpses of upcoming and exciting changes coming to Disney Parks. Thousands of Disney fans had an opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise, mingle with Disney Imagineers and view memorabilia.

Here are some of the top announcements of the upcoming changes to the Walt Disney World Resort!

Toy Story Land! – This to me was one of the BIGGEST announcements. Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be home to Toy Story Land, based on the all-time favorite Pixar film. It will take guests into Andy’s backyard – you will feel like you are shrunk down to toy size. The exact location has not been released, but it would be a good guess it will be near the existing Toy Story Midway Mania, which is also being expanded.


Slinky Dog and Green Alien rides – Inside Toy Story Land will be two new rides – the family-friendly roller coaster featuring Slinky Dog and a spinning saucer ride themed around the little green aliens.


Star Wars Land – This is a biggie! My son is about to jump out of his skin over this. (He is 25). Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios also is a massive 14 acre expansion based upon the characters and universe created by George Lucas. You will be immersed in a world that has never been seen before with new rides, shops, dining and entertainment.

The Millennium Falcon, Epic Battles and New Scenes – In the New Star Wars Land will be new rides. You will pilot the famous Millennium Falcon. Guests will also enjoy a new ride that places you in the middle of a secret mission and epic battle between the First Order and the Resistance. Sounds like every Star Wars fans dream come true.

Star Tours – Not to be left out, several new scenes with the galaxies and characters that will be featured in the upcoming 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be added to this popular attraction.

Season of the Force – Yes, more Star Wars! (See why my son is going nuts over this?) In 2016 there will be a brand new experience – Disney’s Hollywood Studios celebrating the universe of Star Wars: Season of the Force. This will replace Star Wars Weekends. Guests will enjoy special entertainment and experiences in the newly themed areas, and will have a special fireworks display on weekend nights, set to the score from the films.


Frozen Ever After and Summerhaus – Well we all new this one was coming. They closed Maelstrom in Epcot in 2014 and in its place is coming Frozen Ever After. This attraction will take guests into the fictional kingdom of Arendelle while the Summer Celebration is occurring. You well see all the characters and hear the music that you love from the hit film Frozen. There is also going to be a Royal Summerhaus cabin in Epcot’s Norway, where guests can meet Anna and Elsa.

Soarin’ Around the World – Another announcement regarding Epcot, guests’ favorite attraction (and one of mine) Soarin’ will be getting an update. At the D23 Expo it was announced that in 2016 the attraction would receive a new film and soundtrack that will take the guests on a scenic tour of the world – you will be Soarin’ over different countries and continents.

Pandora – Disney’s Animal Kingdom is going to experience a large expansion also. The World of Avatar will include incredible landscapes that include floating mountains. There will be two new rides. First you will go on a serene boat ride through a bioluminescent jungle at night. (I cannot wait to see this). The second one will be titled Avatar Flight of Passage. This   will offer a thrilling ride flying high over the fictional world with banshees.


Nighttime Safari – Disney’s Animal Kingdom is adding nighttime shows and an all new Kilimanjaro Safaris after dark. Disney is giving guests a reason to stay in the park now after dark.

Jungle Navigation Co.,Ltd. Skipper Canteen – Now we know what all the construction has been just off the central hub in the Magic Kingdom on the Adventureland side. Skipper Canteen, a restaurant based on the Jungle Cruise ride, will include a mess hall and former secret meeting room of the Society of Explorers and Adventures. This is on my list of restaurants to eat at my next trip.

Things are changing at the Walt Disney World Resort. Now is a great time to book your vacation for 2016, and make sure you use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. To learn about news and announcements about the Walt Disney World Resort and other Disney Destinations, follow me on Facebook at Wishes Family Travel – Anna.


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