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By: April Sanders
May 24, 2018

014ADDD6-B002-4D42-A6EF-617CCAC6CF11You know what I love about Disney World? There are always free things to do! One of my favorites, is at Animal Kingdom, called the “Wilderness Explorers”. It’s a fun scavenger hunt based upon Russell’s boy scoutism from the movie “UP” and teaches all ages about animals and the wilderness.

D30DF2A2-F8AA-4B23-B74C-2B224931D301Once you enter Animal Kingdom and cross the bridge, look to your right and you’ll catch the first station where you’ll meet a troop leader or a badge guide. While there you can get your wilderness explorer guide and earn your first badge. As you travel through the park there will be several opportunities to fill your guide with all 30 badges.

B536A5A1-2348-4415-8C03-F21CB16FE276One of our favorite stops on our last trip, was the Asian Culture Badge. Tip-it’s near the Yak & Yeti restaurant, make sure to make a reservation, you won’t regret it. So to receive your badge (sticker) you are to meet someone from Asia. Our kids got the biggest kick out of meeting this sweet cast member from Thailand. She taught them how to write their name in Thai and they thought they were big stuff upon learning another language.

Another neat stop was in Pandora. I don’t know about you but I’m not very familiar with the life on Pandora, but we were given some great information about plants, that we can use on apply to ours on Earth. Who knew you’d learn about the ecosystem on Pandora?!?

These are just a few out of the many stops we made with a fun day of learning. You will also learn about dinosaurs, insects, go on a safari, possibly run into a Yeti (oh my!), observe some hairy gorillas and much more!


What we love is that you don’t have to get all your badges on your first trip. Our kids came back and worked on filling up their guidebooks. Then you have others, that their goal is to complete all in one trip. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy learning! If we know anything about Disney, they are masters in bringing information in such a fun-filled way. Now go explore!

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