Yikes! Sick at Disney World?

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Getting Great Service if you get Sick at Disney World

By:  Penny Shelton

Planning the perfect vacation.  Counting down the days!  I have been to Disney so many times and every time is more magical than the last.  You’re finally enjoying the sights and sounds that is Disney when illness comes and rains on your parade.

And then Illness Strikes!

There is nothing like having someone get sick while on vacation!  I know this first hand when my husband and I took my parents to Disney last fall.  We were staying at the Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort and 3 days into a 7 day vacation my Mom got very ill.  Knowing one of the things Disney is renowned for is exceptional service by its Cast Members, I contacted the front desk and told them what was happening.

They immediately sprang into action! In no time we had a crew of people at the room.  They provided us with directions to the local clinic and called ahead so we wouldn’t have to wait.  They had “mouse service” come and clean the room and to ensure water and ice were available upon our return.

But the Service & Care was Disney Quality!

My father thought it best that they end their trip early and head home.  As we still had 4 days left my husband and I decided to fly our grown children down to take my parents places.  I notified the Concierge Agent of our plans and again this team of cast members stepped up to the plate.  They assisted us in getting things ready for my parent’s departure, they transferred all their information over to our Adult children and arranged magical express to be at the airport when the children arrived.  We had La Nouba tickets for that evening which were non-refundable but after a call the Concierge Agent was able to get us a refund.  These Cast members spent a good couple of hours with us ensuring all the details were taken care of.     Penny and Mickey

Hopefully you never encounter this type of situation.  But if you do it’s good to know when at Disney they are prepared to assist you.  For us it wasn’t the vacation we expected but it was still magical thanks to some quick acting cast members and of course a little pixie dust!

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